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This is a 3 part course series to learn about how to walk as a modern day womb mystic, by connecting to the spiritual portal of your womb, for a sense of grounding, purpose and deep knowingness. You will also receive a a guided meditation recording to connect to your womb-space.

Workshop 1


In this workshop, I will introduce what a mystic is and what it means to be a womb mystic. I will also talk about what the spiritual portal of the womb is and how magical it is to be connected to it.

Workshop  2

Womb Mystic in Practice

I will explain what it means to walk as a womb mystic throughout your daily life. I will offer ritual practices and examples of how you can use your womb portal for manifestation 

Workshop 3

Relevance in Your Life

I will talk about why it is relevant to walk as a modern day womb mystic and the benefits that you will receive by engaging in your life in this way.

Plus, Receive a Guided Meditation to Connect to your Womb-Space

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How to Walk As Womb Mystic