Do you ever find yourself longing for something - searching for magic, for meaning -  for deep, and I mean deep connection?

Are you able to tune into your intuition, but often find yourself seeking validation from those that you trust and then ultimately look for guidance from everyone but yourself? 

If you could you use a big dose of self-love, self-compassion and reverence for your body + a dose of confidence, inner trust and connection to the Cosmos, to Earth and Yourself - then you are in the right place.

I want you to know that what you are seeking.... is you.... that within you are all of the answers that you need and that you can access Divine guidance by tuning into yourself.

Your womb is a power centre; it is a portal; it is your direct communication to your soul. Your womb holds the wisdom of your body, of the ancestors, of Earth and the Cosmos. Your womb has all of the answers, and she is longing for you to tune in.

I know that you are a womxn who cares, who is deeply sensitive, loving, and is looking for transformation, because you know that in order for you to support your community and Earth in the way that you came here to do - you need to remember your wholeness and your power.

Connecting to your womb is the answer.


This kit can help you to activate, connect with and remember how to tune into your womb as a mystical portal for your own physical and spiritual wellness from the inside out..

What is the Nourished Womb Kit?

This kit gives you tangible tools and medicines that will foster spiritual and physical health within your womb, as well as supporting you to fully embody this space. It is designed to support you in opening up the mystical portal of your womb, so that you can viscerally feel your connection to this cosmic portal. 





+ you will feel safer in your body, more aligned to your soul's purpose and more attuned to your needs; 


+ it will be easier for you to access wisdom, guidance and support, as you are tapped into cosmic information across all times, dimensions, space and realities; 


+ it will be easier to make moment by moment decisions in all aspects of your life. You will feel clear and full of purpose; 


+ you will deepen your connection to the feeling of sweetness and reverence for your body and will open up channels of communication with your ancestral lineage.

+ you will receive nourishment and re-balancing in your physical womb and deep cleansing of trauma in your spiritual womb.

*** These kits are made with love and infused with prayers for your growth and evolution. Every time that I crafted, I set a ritualistic space to hold the sacred intention of what these kits are intended to create space for and open up in your life: connection, clarity, transformation, self-love***

Nourished Womb Kit Details


Yoni Egg to tap you into your mystical womb portal. Yoni eggs help to strengthen the pelvic floor, to deepen your connection to your pelvis and activate your awareness of your womb-space. Kit includes 2 educational videos and a pamphlet about benefits and use of a yoni egg.

This is a home-made blend of rose water, lavender oil, vanilla, citronella oil, fir oil and grapeseed oil. This is a Priestessing ritual that has been practiced in the temples. To be anointed is a blessing, as the oil is prepared with prayers and intention. Massaging your body with this oil is like a kiss to your womb. Kit Includes a video that details how to use the oil in ritualistic space to anoint your womb and cleanse your auric field.



Tinctures have been used medicinally for thousands of years. It is a blend of herbs that steeps in an alcohol or vinegar base for months, so that the potion becomes infused with the nutrients of the herbs. This is a home-made blend of apple cider vinegar, pau d’arco, nettle, red raspberry leaf, chamomile, and spring water. Kit includes an herb hand-out that details herb benefits and how to use the tincture.

Water is a direct portal to connect with your womb. As such, the bath soaking ritual helps to inspire creative guidance and divine inspiration. This is a home-made blend of Himalayan Salt, rose petals, frankincense oil, and eucalyptus herb. Kit includes a video that describes a bathing ritual to help you connect to your womb as a mystical portal.


This is a 3 part educational course series to support you to use your Nourished Womb Kit. This includes: an introduction to yoni eggs, a video detailing how to do a yoni egg ritual for the Womb Mystic, and a video detailing how to do a womb anointing ritual.


You will receive 3 meditation recordings that will help you to activate your womb as a mystical portal, to clear out traumas in your womb-space, and to connect to your ancestral lineage through your womb portal.


Locally harvested sage from Kimberley, BC - crafted in a way that honors Earth, the herb and gives reverence to the local ancestors. These leaves can be rubbed together into a sage ball that can cleanse you and your yoni egg crystal once the leaves start to burn and emit sacred smoke.