bhakti /bawk-tee/ (noun). 

Bhakti is devotion. This is the path of devoting to yourself, so deeply, that you set yourself free. This is the offering of love to you. This is dedicating your thoughts, actions and words to your healing process. Let yourself nourish all aspects of self for the connection you are seeking. When you nurture yourself, you are nurturing the world. Let's start with self-devotion and then grow it; your healing is the healing of this earth.

Wild Bhakti Rising

Your spiritual program for healing and freedom

Step 1: Let's consult and have a chat.

What is it you are wanting to heal and transform? What is it you are wanting to realize? We will integrate your intention into seven phases of deep devotion. Each session is specifically designed and uniquely for you. <3


Step 2: Choose your journey length and destination.

Step 3: Initiate! Each phase is activated on the new moon.

A path to empowerment & wholeness


This is spiritual life coaching with a yogic twist.


Each session explores the life lesson of one chakra. By focusing on the healing properties of one chakra at a time, you can grow and expand into the next phase of your journey.


How do you realize the spiritual evolution of each chakra?

This is what each session includes:


Part 1:

  • one hour Nourish Call: this 1:1 session will inform the content for your recordings and deepening practices.

Part 2:

  • receive unlimited e-mail support

  • a yoga nidra recording specific to the chakra

  • an individualized guided meditation recording

  • weekly deepening practice (asana, mantra, mudra and pranayama, affirmations...)

  • recommendation on spirit guides to work with on the journey


Each product is tailored to your specific healing journey within the theme/life lesson of the chakra. There are many layers to each chakra, so we will figure out what it is that you need and then integrate that intention into each session.



Package Options

Apply to book a series of free 1-on-1 sessions now, and we'll see if this path is right for you.

Results you can expect from the Wild Bhakti Rising Path:

  • A greater understanding of your identity and life purpose

  • A sense of freedom from limiting beliefs and constricting societal constructs

  • A feeling of inner-peace and wholeness

  • The ability to tap into the wisdom of your guidance system and your highest self

  • A deeper connection with the elements: earth, wind, fire, and air

  • A better understanding of how to nourish all aspects of self for balance, health and joy

  • A sense of groundedness with deep spiritual connection

  • An understanding of how to tap into your innate ability to heal yourself

(For more information on my coaching style head over here.)

Are you looking for spiritual connection?

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Connect to heart and tune into you

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Be Wild. Be Free.

I help women who are searching for spiritual connection. My 1 on 1 coaching sessions, programs and guided meditations help women find freedom and allow them to nourish all aspects of self for deep connection with heart, spirit and earth.