Claim your gift, beloved!

5 days of abundance practices to offer you spiritual tools to become an energetic match with wealth from the inside out + feel the vast wealth that already exists inside of you to boost your self-esteem, self-love and feeling state of joy in your daily life.

Day 1


for abundance in the Wild Moon Sisters Temple. We will bless your finances, clear out  blockages with Isis, Archangel Michael and Kali-Ma and call in Lakshmi to bless our lives with wealth in all forms.

Day 2


Receive a guided meditation to connect with the abundance that swells within you, to feel that your body is a vast temple and that you are a mirror of the Cosmos that pulses with life-force to have the embodied experience that you are already wealthy inside of your body.

Day 3


Prayer and embodiment practice video to learn how to call in light beings for assistance and to open your crown, heart, and womb to receive the blessings and abundance that long to enter your field.

Day 4


This is the game changer, the magic ingredient necessary to shift your consciousness. Receive a video that details how to invite in a daily gratitude walk to recognize and give thanks for all that you already have in your life and all that you already are.

Day 5


Receive a guided embodiment practice video to awaken the life-force energy that pulses within you and longs to create life through you. This activation is absolutely essential for inviting in abundance, for learning how to co-create with Universe and for feeling sexy within your own skin.

The Journey Begins June 1st!

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Feel Wealthy Within