6 Month Transformational Program With Goddess Mentors to Feel Wealthy Within

Through ceremonial work, sadhana practice, 1 on 1 support, sisterhood and Goddess embodiment - you will receive alchemical healing to deeply transmute the wounds of feeling like you are not enough and that you are unworthy to receive prosperity. Through embodiment tools, you will learn how to become an energetic match with abundance.

Imagine, that you are a Wealthy Goddess...

When you wake up in the morning, you feel in your body, and deep within your bones, that you are wealthy within. You feel good to be in your skin. You inhabit your body with confidence.


And as you love yourself and accept All That You Are - you live in an embodied state of abundance. As you hold the frequency of gratitude – you are an energetic match for wealth to flow into your life


Each moment, you know how to activate the feeling state of joy within your cells, so that you can feel awake, alive and activated.


You are in alignment with your soul-mission and dedicated to healing inner wounds, so that you can resource yourself for your soul’s sacred work.

And how would this feel... if this was you, every day? In spiritual truth it is,

BUT - you see... the reality is...

that most of us only experience moments of this, or experience this off and on, because it's really hard to do.

And here's a major reason why - current paradigm has us caught in a trance of scarcity - thinking that there is not enough to go around, that we have to grind ourselves to the bone to make ends meet, and that prosperity is only for an elite few.

And I'm here to tell you, it doesn't need to be this way. Because Heaven on Earth is for all. Abundance is our birthright, and we can CLAIM wealth it if we know how and have the tools.

I'm not here telling you that I have this all figured out... indeed, I still have work to do. But I have spent years now learning how. And I'm ready to share with you, beloved sister, some tools that I've learnt.


Because you are worthy of this.

I've Started to Develop What Wealth Consciousness Means to me

... and I want to share it with you in this program.

It's about our ability to feel wealthy within, our ability to feel in our bones that we are worthy, because how we feel about ourselves is DIRECTLY related to our ability to bring in resources.

Wealth consciousness is building up our self-esteem, because when we feel good about ourselves - the world reorganizes to support us, to fulfill us, to bring us our dreams.

And this isn't just about shifting our beliefs about money - this is DEEPER than that. This is what sets this program apart. This is about EMBODYING the state of abundance.

Could This Be For You...?

Do you have dreams... things that you LONG to do, like your soul literally craves to have these experiences, but you feel trapped in your circumstance and feel that you do not have the resources to make this happen right now?


This could be trainings that you want to take, that soul-fuelled business that you want to create and succeed in, those trips that you you long to go on... Or maybe you just desire for more free time...

Do you tell yourself often, "I would do that if I had the money." Or do you feel like something within you is asleep or numb - so that you don't have to feel the disappointment of not living the life of your dreams?


Perhaps you feel like you are settling for what you think you deserve and convince yourself that you're happy, but deep down - you know that something feels off. Or maybe you just don't know where to start or how to gain momentum.

IF THIS IS YOU - I want you to know, I've been there too. And I want to support you to become an energetic match with wealth, so that you can start to feel vibrant, alive, confident and excited to be awake every day - even when it hurts.

Meet The Goddess Mentors

Each Goddess mentor has stepped forward and asked to be part of this journey to help you work through core woundings that are making it challenging for you to embody abundance.


Honor All Life Within & Without

Green Tara longs to show you all of the beauty, love and life that pulses in the bones and living flesh of your body. She desires to help you feel how your body temple is the altar of  Mother Earth and the living embodiment of all of Her elements and the elements of the stars. Her mentorship will connect you to the wealth within you to help you become more magnetic to resources.


You Are Worthy To Receive Support

She desires to Mother you in all of the spaces in which you feel unsafe, separate from, unworthy and unable to receive support. She will guide you to heal the Mother Wound within to seal up all the spaces in which you believe that you need to fight for your survival. She wants to help you open yourself up to receive resources, guidance and abundance – so that you know on a visceral level, that you don’t need to do this alone. 


Sacred Boundaries Bring Wealth In

Brigid is here to help you conduct the sacred marriage of sun and moon within your heart to balance both polarities and assist you to step on your sovereign throne as Queen of your life. She will help you to see the ways in which you give your time and resources away out of fear and help you to uphold sacred boundaries that honor your soul’s true needs. She knows that when you stand for yourself that you stand for all, and the wealth can’t help but flow in.


Activate Your Shakti & Birth What You Seek

Mary Magdalen will illuminate all of the spaces in which you are asleep and all of the areas in your body where you are numb. She will support you to activate your innate power and transmute the spaces in which you feel ashamed and unworthy – so that in your primal wildness, you can allow the pulse of creation to vibrate throughout each cell of your being. She knows that when you vibrate with life that you can co-create all that you need to live your Heaven on Earth.


Bless Yourself & Bless All Life

Lakshmi is here to heal the spaces within you that feel selfish and greedy to desire wealth. She will help you to hold the frequency of joy and gratitude, so that you become an energetic match with abundance and attract wealth from the inside out. Lakshmi  desires to bless your life with gifts in all forms as an extension of her undying affection for you and all life. 


Your Greatest Wealth Is Unconditional Love

Aphrodite longs to help you heal the spaces within that feel as if they are not enough, the spaces that strive for perfection and validation. She will help you to feel that what you are seeking is you – and that when YOU acknowledge all that you have done and all that you are that you will feel the underlying Love that makes up every cell of your being. She knows that when you see yourself as Unconditional Love that you can see money and wealth as unconditional Love, for in spiritual truth – they are an extension of you.

This Is What You Will Receive Each Month

2 live ceremonies – There will be two ceremonies each month dedicated to each Goddess mentor. These ceremonies will initiate you and help you to receive alchemical healing, so that you can shift limiting stories, heal inner wounds and receive a direct transmission from each Goddess. You have the option of watching and participating with me in live time, so that the ceremonies can be more specific to you and your needs at the time. 

Monthly Sadhana Practice – Sadhana is a Sanskrit term for spiritual practice.  Every new moon, you will receive 5 tools that you can perform to help you commune deeper with each Goddess mentor to embody the ways in which she moves through you on a daily basis + journal prompts to deepen your inquiry. Tools will include: mantra (sacred chant), a guided meditation, mudra (hand gesture), embodiment practice, and  yantra (geometric diagram or image used in meditation).

1 on 1 Support Goddess Calls – You will receive an hour long video chat with me to feel more deeply held on this journey. In these chats I will have a deeper conversation with your soul to hear what aspect of you needs to be blasted with unconditional love, so that you can receive alchemical healing. (Only included in the Silver and Gold circles).

Goddess Transmission – For each mentor, you will receive a pdf with Her-story and a specific transmission from Her to support you on this journey of feeling wealthy within. 

Unlimited E-mail Support - You will have unlimited e-mail access to me to support you with any needs that may arise. During these transformational programs, wounds are triggered, so I want to make sure that I am available to provide you with the loving mentorship that you need as you embody the feeling state of wealth within. 

6 Goddess Mentors Starting on each New Moon, we will work with one Goddess mentor for an entire lunar cycle to support you to receive the full benefits that each mentor desires for you to experience on your journey of inner transformation. Goddess mentors include: Green Tara, Mother Mary, Brigid, Mary Magdalen, Lakshmi and Aphrodite.

Benefits of This Program

  • 6 months of focused intention to feel wealthy within, which means that you will start to see more resources, in all forms, coming into your life.

  • Increased self-love, confidence and self-esteem to help you feel more vibrant, sexy, and alive. 

  • Learning embodiment tools that can shift your frequency, so that you are an energetic match with abundance.

  • Receiving mentorship on this journey is invaluable. It can be hard. Childhood wounds and traumas surface. There is resistance to change. Things fall apart. So it can be a relief to have a sisterhood, Goddess Mentors, and me to help hold space for you, as you claim abundance as your birthright.

  • Your own transformation – in the unique form that this will arise for you, is the ultimate result. The biggest benefit is that you will FEEL different. Perhaps you will feel liberated, perhaps more capable, perhaps more joyful. Whatever the shift - you will leave the program changed.

Package Options

The Journey Begins Spring 2020!

  • 2 Ceremonies per month

  • Monthly Sadhana Practice

  • Monthly Goddess Transmission

  • Sisterhood Circle

  • Unlimited E-mail Support

Heart Contribution

$111 CAD/month

Heart Contribution

$56 CAD bi-weekly

  • 2 Ceremonies per month

  • Monthly Sadhana Practice

  • Monthly Goddess Transmission

  • 6 Goddess Calls

  • Sisterhood Circle

  • Unlimited E-mail Support

Heart Contribution

$222 CAD/month

Heart Contribution

$111 CAD bi-weekly

  • 2 Ceremonies per month

  • Monthly Sadhana Practice

  • Monthly Goddess Transmission

  • 12 Goddess Calls

  • Sisterhood Circle

  • Unlimited E-mail Support

Heart Contribution

$333 CAD/month

Heart Contribution

$167 CAD bi-weekly

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