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Image by Katie Harp
Image by Katie Harp

Opening Ceremony

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One of the things that excites me most about this new paradigm that we are co-birthing through this summit series is collaboration and amplifying other women's sacred work. You see, each one of us has a unique message + unique gift to offer the world, AND we create greater impact together.


Sometimes the sisterhood wound can get in the way of allowing these creative partnerships to form, and the martyr syndrome can kick-in - you know that feeling that you gotta do it all on your own?


But what if this could be different? What if you could receive more money, clients, and opportunities by amplifying other women + being in community as you bring your work into the world? One of the things that excited me the most about this series was getting to showcase the work of absolute power-houses + co-creating together. 


We are at the precipice of a new era. What do you wish to see being birthed in the world? Come seed that into being in ceremony with me and Sama Morningstar.


This ceremony is here to open up this portal for Womb Revolution + to provide you the opportunity to receive the visioning seeds that you want to birth in your life and for the collective. 


Radical Conversation 1

Birthing Heaven on Earth Through Womb-Centered Healing with Sama Morningstar

In this interview, I spoke with Sama Morningstar about how she first found womb-centered healing work and about how the original blueprint that we come into our lives with starts from the beginning - from conception. She speaks into ways that the blueprint can be shifted into that of orgasmic pleasure and how that can create an embodied experience of Heaven on Earth. 


Sama is a well-spring of knowledge in all things related to the Bio-Mystical Womb and is forth-coming in sharing the embodied wisdom that she has gleaned from years of being on this path. 


May this sacred conversation inspire you to reclaim your birth-rite to heal and live your life in a way that inspires pleasure.


You can connect with Sama here


Radical Conversation 2

'Wise Womb Way' As a Path of Medicine with Naomi Love

I am beyond excited for you to receive this interview of a womb elder who has pioneered the way to help us to understand and come into relationship with our wombs.


I feel honoured to have interviewed Naomi and I hope you can feel how sacred it is to receive her transmission. She shared about what the wise womb way is and how she allowed this body of work to move through her as an organic offering to relate with self and all of life as a path of medicine.


Naomi spoke into the relevance of doing foundational preparatory work to come into relationship with your intuition and resonance before meeting and stepping into the womb, which she explains as a Universe in itself.


She speaks about ways to develop the skills to navigate the terrain that you may encounter when stepping onto the path of womb awakening and how to show up for this relationship with integrity. 


You can connect with Naomi here.


Radical Conversation 3

Womb Activism to Ripple Waves of Change with Ruby May

In this radical conversation that felt gentle and precious, me and Ruby May talk about what embodied activism is and how giving yourself permission to come into balance with your cycle has ripples not only for your health and well-being, but also for the whole world. 


Ruby shares about a research project she is doing that integrates cycle awareness into the workforce and offers suggestions about how to come into balance in your own cycle. 


She shares her vision for our world of what is possible when we embrace the yin and ‘death’ part of our cycles more and what’s possible when policy change and structural shifts happen to be more friendly towards women-bodied beings. 


I left this conversation feeling so inspired, I can’t wait for you to receive it as a gift to support you come into deeper harmony and acceptance of yourself and your place in this world.


You can connect with Ruby here.


Radical Conversation 4

Re-Wilding As Water Keepers to Nourish + Sustain Life with Catalina Rivera Dois

Join me and Catalina Rivera Dois for a radical conversation about how reclaiming your purity connects you to the innate power and magic that lives within your body. 


Catalina shares about the sacredness of moon blood as an offering to Earth, about the necessity of doing ceremony outside with the elementals, and what it means to be a water keeper to help bring planetary healing.


She merges science with mysticism, as she speaks about what happens when you ceremonially connect to your moon blood and how this process both unifies you to bodies of water and how you plant a seed of healing to restore the molecular structure of the water to sustain and nourish life. 


Her intelligence, wisdom, and passion are contagious. I can’t wait for you to receive this beautiful conversation.


You can connect with Catalina here. 


As a gift, Catalina invites you in offering your moon-blood to the Earth. Just click here to receive a step by step ritual you can do from home.


Radical Conversation 5

Reclaiming Sexual Energy in Service to Planetary Awakening with Sarah Nicole Tynes

Join me and Sarah Nicole as she shares her story of how she woke up to her sexual energy and the different initiations that she walked through to come deeper into her remembrance of being a reincarnated High Priestess of sacred sexuality. 


She shares about her pivot point in how she went from feeling dirty and ashamed to seeing how she came to Earth to offer her sexual energy in service to the planetary awakening of Love. 


Sarah shares about the beauty and gift that comes when you choose to lean into the shadow and to go into the pain to arise re-birthed.


This might be particularly inspiring and potent for you if you’ve experienced any sexualized abuse trauma or you’ve struggled to fully understand, feel, or know your sexual energy.  Sarah is such a beacon of love, and I can’t wait for you to hear her story and receive this offering.


You can connect with Sarah here. 


Radical Conversation 6

Power of Harnessing the Womb in Biz with Beth Katherine

Join me and Beth Katherine as she shares about how she woke up to her womb by initiating as a Priestess in the 13 Moon Mystery School and how her womb has been her compass to guide her in her biz about what ideas to act upon that have a lot of power and magnetism behind them. 


She talked about how you can align your work/biz/career with your higher calling (aka your soul’s purpose) by being in communion with your higher self and in devotion to Source. 


She offers some tips about how you can feel more purposeful every single day just by loving and accepting yourself more fully, no matter how you show up or where you are in your life.


Beth is really fun, inspiring, and has a knack for getting you fired up about wanting to step onto the path of awakening in a really magical, juicy kinda way.


You can connect with Beth here. 


Radical Conversation 7

Stewardship of the Primal Energy of the Womb with Freya McFarlane

In this interview, we spoke about how being initiated into a womb witch lineage created some of her first experiences with her womb, her body, and her menstrual blood. 


We also spoke about practices that you can do to move through some of the painful experiences within your womb, how to make space for all that you are experiencing emotionally and within your womb, and how to also experience your womb as this birthing centre of creativity and wisdom. 


Freya speaks of her womb as her teacher and herself as a steward of the primal energy in this portal. 


Come learn more about ways to enter your womb and to learn how to tap into the innate energy within this space.


You can connect with Freya here. 


Radical Conversation 8

Womb Revolution to Midwife Planetary Healing with Meghan Lockhart

In this radical conversation, Meghan talks about how being in connection with the womb and the body is the most revolutionary act you can take, what it means to be one cell in the living body of Gaia, and why Divine Feminine leaders are needed now more than ever to step more fully into their power and role as midwives for planetary healing and awakening.

You can learn more about Goddess Collective here.


Get Involved

with the #WombRevolution Movement

The vision of this movement is that you CAN make a difference and that it first starts by embodying the change you long to see in the world within your own body and womb.

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I invite you to deepen in and to be apart of this - to belong to a cause that is for the rights of women, the equality of all beings, and that takes a stand for Earth and all of the beings who inhabit it. 

If this really speaks to your heart, I have some actions that you can take right now to help breathe life into this movement. 

1.) Use these hashtags in your social media posts: #WombRevolution #EmbodyTheChange #BirthTheNewEarth

2.) Invite your sisters who you think would be deeply served by this offering  to join us. Share this link with them to register:  www.wild-moon-temple.com/revolution

3.) Use the Womb Revolution graphics in your social media posts. You can access those graphics here and are welcome to use any of these that call to you.


1.) Attune to your cycle. The more awareness you have of your individual cycle, the easier it is to take your health and wellness into your hands. This is what I like to call womb sovereignty. This is when you listen and attend to the needs of your body, emotions, and spirit to inform you about what YOU need.

One of our favorite tools in Wild Moon Temple to help you stay grounded in your monthly cycle and aware of the lunar cycle is the Cycles Journal. This is for bleeders and non-bleeders. You can claim your journal here and receive a 10% discount. 


2.) Deepen with your womb-space. I'm gifting you a guided meditation recording that will take you on a journey through the grail gates in your mystical womb-space.

This will help you to become more acquainted with your womb + activate it as your power centre. Mary Magdalene will be your sacred guide through this journey.

You can access this recording here.


We are a Queen's Council Sisterhood​​ an inner temple circle of diverse devotional leaders who stand in sovereign power as co-birthers of a New Earth. We are committed to bringing our soul's work into the world to create change AND form sisterhood as we amplify one another's sacred work together.

This monthly membership offers you the community, tools + training to step more fully into bringing your soul's sacred work into the world AND creating bigger impact.

Each month we gather in a virtual live Queen's Council Circle to help you get really clear about how you're being called to serve + we'll work with the lunar cycle to help you have the energy and inspiration to take action.

Month by month - you'll bring your creative projects, programs, sacred visions, offerings, and devotional leadership into the world.And you'll have a sisterhood and mentor to spotlight your work, so that you're not birthing this work alone.

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Image by Katie Harp