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Ready to be inspired to fully belong in your body?

This is a FREE Interview Summit Series that begins on the Winter Solstice

with 8 revolutionary leaders who impact planetary change through their connection to their wombs.

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In this series, you'll receive an opening ceremony, 8 radical conversations, + will be connected with a sisterhood of women who are committed to bringing their soul’s work into the world to embody change.


You’ll learn about different ways that being in connection to your womb can heal you, your bloodlines, and the planet + why your womb is the 'missing link' that is ready to be reclaimed by the collective to literally birth the New Earth.


These conversations will show you that you CAN make a difference and that it first starts by embodying the change you long to see in the world within your own body and womb.

This is for all women (whether you have a physical womb or not) who have the inner call to rise in Divine Feminine leadership and offer their healing gifts to bring change to the world.

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While Earth is going through major growing pains right now -


you may feel like the world is falling apart and you might not know where to start to help make a difference. Maybe you’ve felt like the weight of the world is your cross to bear and that there is never enough that you can do to help. 


It might feel like you need more training, credentials, and certs to be legit - or that you ‘should’ be showing up in a certain way to serve. And maybe it even feels like you’ve been walking this path alone...


Imagine walking a new path. One where you are birthing a new Earth. But you aren't doing it alone. Sisters from all walks of life navigate this path with you - through the pains of contractions together, to the joy and anticipation of what is coming.


We're creating a New Earth where all women are honoured, the feminine is respected, all humans are walking their sacred purpose, Earth is being honoured with reciprocity, all species are treated as relations, all humans given equal opportunity, and there is equal distribution of wealth and resources for all. 


Each conversation will offer you ways that you can begin embodying change right now that also helps you to feel grounded, supported and stabilized within your power centre - aka your womb

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Meet your host - 


Hi! I’m Meghan. I received this message loud and clear from Gaia: “your return to your body is the most radical act of love that you can do for Earth. You are one living cell in the body of Gaia.”


This came through after months of praying and asking Earth how I can show up to midwife planetary healing.


This helped stabilize me in the gnosis of how paramount the work is of womb restoration as an act of embodied activism for planetary healing.


I show up as an Intuitive Mentor, Embodied Activist, and Priestess to support women anchor into their Divine Feminine wisdom and power. I offer 1:1 mentorship & group programs to support women rise in their soul’s work to both heal + impact global change. 


Learn more about my work here. 

Why is working with the womb so paramount?


You see - we all come from a womb and what happened in those gestational months created a blue-print for how each of us perceives and experiences the world.


The womb is a portal that connects us to the seat of our power and also to our ancestors, to the Earth, and to Cosmos.


When we choose to consciously activate, work with, and restore this centre - we take our health, wellness, and power back into our hands.


And when we heal, we not only heal for ourselves, we heal the 7 generations past and the 7 generations to come. 


Hence the name Womb Revolution!


This is a revolution to see how you choosing to land home in your body and embody your womb-space supports healing for all of life.


Each one of the interviewees is a power-house. They are walking embodiments of this intention - impacting change through their connection to their wombs.

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Meet the Interviewees



Our Radical Conversation - Birthing Heaven on Earth through Womb-Centered Healing

Interview #1 of the series.


Sama founded the Womb Centered Healing Temple in 2018 as a collaborative space to support people of all genders to learn about the importance of our experiences in and of the womb.  


Out of her own personal journey healing from early childhood trauma, she has emerged with a passionate devotion to remember, re-activate, and re-establish Womb Power as our center of personal power and inner guidance. 


She has received potent soul purpose visions about the importance of returning to a partnership model of relating with each other and with all beings and diligently applies this model to all of her relationships.  


She loves to share her experience of how living in embodied Womb Wisdom creates an abundant fountain of vitality that can nourish our dreams of correcting the course of humanity away from self destruction towards harmonious communion and belonging in the ecology of life.


You can learn more about her work here.


Our Radical Conversation - 'Wise Womb Way' As A Path Of Medicine

Interview #2 of the series.


Naomi Love is a Master Healer. She is internationally known as an Earth Medicine Keeper, Womb Empress, Master Ceremonialist, Teacher, Healer and Mystic Medicine Woman. She has been walking the healers path for thirty years and is a living library of information and experience.


Naomi is the Embodiment of Love, she has worked with over 60,000 clients and trained 70 Certified Practitioners through her school Wise Womb Medicine Path. Naomi is a channel for the Wisdom Council and has profound ability to read and track the subtle realms.


Naomi is the Creatress of Wise Womb Medicine Path, an earth centered school and community devoted to walking in right relationship in a way that honors this living web of creation. Supporting you in understanding how to step fully into your sovereignty, to interpret the messages of your body and tap into your intuition and inner wisdom, so that you can take aligned action towards what it is you truly desire in your life.


You can learn more about her work here. 

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Our Radical Conversation - Womb Activism to Ripple Waves of Change

Interview #3 of the series.


Ruby coaches women to explore life through the lens of cycle awareness, and the empowerment of embodying their own inner authority and rhythms.


She has a particular interest in living cyclically as a form of 'embodied activism', a tool for not just personal but planetary revolution.


Her background has been working with sexuality and intimacy, and she travelled internationally teaching workshops and offering one-to-one sessions for a decade, before becoming fascinated with the question of female leadership, which led her to study the qualities of the womb. 


You can learn more about her work here. 


Our Radical Conversation - Re-Wilding As Water Keepers to Nourish + Sustain Life

Interview #4 of the series.


Catalina is a Feminine Mysteries Mentor, Priestess and Keeper of Our Blood Mysteries Temple: a sacred space dedicated to the joyful remembrance and rebirthing of our blood mysteries into modern day life.


She is an emissary of Mother’s Love through simple heart/womb knowing, magic and fun.


Catalina is also a Reiki Master therapist and teacher, women’s circles facilitator, eco-ceremonialist, water-keeper, registered nurse, wife and loving mother of 2. 


You can learn more about her work here. 

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Our Radical Conversation - Reclaiming Sexual Energy in Service to Planetary Awakening

Interview #5 of the series.


Sarah is a Magdalene Rose Priestess, Creatrix & Conscious Sex Work Mentor.


Her work is catered to women in the modern sex industry who desire to value her service as an ancient tantric priestess to create more abundance, soul purpose & freedom.


Through her own womb healing & over a decade in the sex industry, Sarah is restoring the ancient tantric temple arts that’ve been distorted for thousands of years. 


Her mission is to assist women’s deep womb healing of all sexual trauma & any sex slavery contracts that hold her back from feeling safe to fully embrace the Tantric Priestess from within.

You can learn more about her work here. 


Our Radical Conversation - The Power of Harnessing the Womb in Biz

Interview #6 of the series.


Beth is an angelic business coach, and a Mermaid Priestess. She helps women who identify as Priestesses + Starseeds, create successful businesses based on their soul's missions.


She also teaches about angels, dolphin consciousness, and our connection to the stars.


When she's not traveling, she lives on the west coast of Canada, on the ocean, and next to the forest. You can find her at 

You can learn more about her work here. 


Our Radical Conversation - Stewardship of the Primal Energy of the Womb

Interview #7 of the series.


Freya McFarlane is a Womb Priestess from the traditional Celtic lineage, working with pagan traditions of the UK and is a hereditary Womb Witch.


She has been working with the energy of the blood since a teenager, coming from a background of midwifery and sacred sexuality.

You can learn more about her work here. 

Image by Katie Harp

Summit Series Logistics

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