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The 13 Month Passage to Rise As a Profitable Priestess

1:1 intensive mentorship that supports women in sacred biz clear their energetic past to make more money for their healing gifts. 

Rebirthed will support you:

uncover & move through ‘blocks’, inner wounds + stories that are keeping you limited in how much money you can make as a healer

+ become more magnetic to money, clients, and resources in your sacred work to make profit in your biz

all the while aligning your biz with your values, your purpose, and joy. 

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Imagine feeling completely supported by your biz & by money in your priestessing. You wake up in the morning feeling refreshed, replenished and so excited to show up for your inspired actions.


I mean let's be real. We're human. Initiations and challenges will arise.  And that said - this underlying feeling of support by money & your biz + this approach of being nourished in reciprocity is TOTALLY possible. 

You deserve to make an affluent income for your priestessing.

It is possible to call in money for your spiritual service in a way that is ethical and feels good to you.

You get to align your vocation with your purpose, while living a life of joy and abundance.

Do any of these scenarios sound like where you are in your biz right now?


➟ You’ve been feeling burnt-out and frustrated as you keep giving and giving + not receiving enough in return to sustain you. 


➟ Your model has you hustling and working all the time to keep up with client demands because you're not charging enough for your work and you're moving from service to service to make ends meet.


➟ And maybe you're hustling because you're in limbo - you have one foot in your day job world and the other in your soul's work world and you've got so many moving pieces to attend to #allthetime.


➟ Maybe you feel like it's not spiritual to charge a profitable income and so you waffle between knowing you need more money, but feeling resistance to charge more.


➟ Or perhaps you're not feeling that inspired by your work right now. You’ve created your business in a way that will make you money, but not necessarily in the way that lights up your heart and aligns with your values, purpose, and deepest gifts.


➟ And possibly you're just feeling stagnant in your business. You've met a certain threshold and you feel like you don't have the time or energy to move to where you want to be to balance work, life, and play in a way that feels nourishing and expansive to you AND your community.

So wherever you are, I want you to know where you are now is not where you have to be or always will be. There are some sticky things that can get in the way of flow & ease in biz.


Some invitations to try on:

You don’t need to work harder to bring more money in. You just need to manage your energy better.


Part of that is having your mind, energy + body all on the same page. And when they’re not, it’s really hard to gain momentum to make profit.


If your brain is telling you that you need to make a certain amount of money, but energetically you feel depleted, and physically you don’t have the stamina to hold space for your current profit model that's a problem.


AND compound on top of that, if you believe you're incapable or unworthy to make a profitable income as a priestess...

that’s gonna make it even harder.

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 You get to make profit as a priestess + feel supported every step of   the way, as your work ripples waves of change. 

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Martyr syndrome is a thing of the past.


There is this outdated story that says we need to make our healing too affordable, even at the expense of our own wellness and well-being. Sound familiar?


That somehow offering spiritual services means that you better not be making an abundant income, because that's unethical and only for people like Doctors, and Lawyers, and Architects, ya know?


Basically this belief that it’s wrong to charge a sustainable income prevents the money from flowing in.

If this is you, are you ready to shift that?

The good news - you can clear your energetic past to be a profitable priestess. You can even do this is a way that feels fun and nourishing.

And I would be exceptionally honoured to support you with this.

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Meet your guide - 


Hey girl! I’m Meghan.

Womb Priestess | Intuitive Mentor

I serve conscious, spiritual women to rise as Divine Feminine leaders who impact planetary change.


One of my superpowers? Getting to the root of what needs to be shifted (thanks scorpio rising!)

I’ve spent the last 8 years supporting people have energetic + mindset shifts to embody their goals.


And we’re talking - supporting people to navigate through some of THE toughest times in their lives to come back to centre.


I started in the non-profit world, working with marginalized communities in mental health. And here I am now, supporting women to create change through sacred biz.

Image by Sophie

Julia Szymanska,

Intuitive Coach

Meghan is a wonderful mentor! Her loving energy and unconditional presence makes you feel so safe and held.


Deborah Beckwin, 

Content Strategist 

If money is a sticky wicket for you and your business, then Meghan will help you get unstuck and replanted in a more lush, prosperous place.

Beka Soyars,


When I feel blocked or stuck, or want to tap into my womb deeper than ever to hear what it is that I need to be doing for my path and mission, Meg is my healer for these things.

Here's how you'll clear your energetic past 
to rise as a profitable priestess:

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You’ll receive my deepest level of 1:1 mentorship and support.

You get private access to me 24/7 in-between sessions to integrate and implement the healing + move through stagnancy.

You’ll be guided through a rites of passage journey from re-birth, to coming of age, to motherhood, to crone to help you decolonize your mind & body + fully activate and claim your lineage gifts as a healer.

The journey is broken into three trimesters over 13 months: Root, Ground and Rise. This gives you the time to heal, integrate AND implement the change to experience sustainable + lasting transformation.

We'll re-visit past-life, ancestral + childhood wounding that is impacting you today to help unlock your present and future as an abundant medicine keeper.


You’ll feel rooted in your ancestral lineage, grounded in your innate wisdom + activated in your power to better facilitate healing for your clients.

And the more supported you feel in your work, the more impact you’ll make for planetary healing and awakening.

Ready to make more money for your healing work?


Program Mapping,  here's how it will flow:

1st Trimester


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2nd Trimester


3rd Trimester


  • Month 1: Prebirthing


Clear ancestral & past-life wounds + call on your support team to help you move on from the past.


  • Month 2: Regestating 

Re-visit and heal your gestational time in the womb to feel more nourished, supported, and held as you walk the path of sacred biz.


  • Month 3: Recalibration - 

Time and space to energetically recalibrate with more joy and pleasure to become more magnetic to money in your work.

  • Month 4: Rebirthing

Give yourself all of the support you need to feel safe and ready to show up more fully in your work.


  • Month 5: Arriving -

Time and space to consciously choose to belong on Earth and embody your soul's gifts.

  • Month 6: Care-Taking -

Strengthen your ability to care for yourself + make space for your inner child wounds so they don't sabotage you during launches.


  • Month 7: Coming of Age - 

Heal perceptions of shame associated with your power and desire to harness your creative spark.


  • Month 8: Home-Coming - 

Consciously arrive home in your body and womb to fully activate your innate power of magnetism, creation, and psychic abilities.


  • Month 9: Activating - 

Move through rites of passage of a Menarche Home-coming ceremony to implement this re-claimed power into your sacred work. 

  • Month 10: Mothering - 

Fully devote to offering your unique medicine that births a new paradigm to impact planetary healing and awakening.


  • Month 11: Receiving - 

Be in partnership with allies both seen and unseen as you harvest the gifts, money, and resources that show up to support you in your soul’s sacred work.


  • Month 12: Accumulating - 

Rise as a healer who gets paid for offering your deepest wisdom and medicine to your community from all that you have accumulated to share.


  • Month 13: Rebirthed - 

Time and space for the Wise Woman rites of passage journey to vision, accumulate, receive, and integrate the change from the 13 month rebirth.

Here's what's included, let's break it down:

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90 min 1:1 Womb Alchemy Sessions x9

These sessions will uncover what is ready to be healed to move forward + guide you through the healing process to dismantle restrictions, decolonize the body & womb, + move through limitations to help you align with abundance, magnetism and clarity.

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Initiation Ceremonies x9

These ceremonies will initiate the specific phase within each trimester internally to help you embody the process and integrate the healing in your body, mind, and emotions. 

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90 min 1:1 Mentorship Calls x13

These sessions are more practical and will help you to receive crystal clear clarity about your steps moving forward to be implemented to foster the healing process + bring change into your life and biz.

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Rites of Passage Ceremonies x4

Self-led ceremony during each integration phase to be practiced on own time to help integrate the entire trimester. You will receive support in coming up with the flow, materials, and elements needed for the ceremony. This process helps you to claim your innate medicine and power by marking these nodal landmarks that are major transition phases in your life that are essential to evolving as a healer. 

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Rebirthing Journals x9

The journal serves two purposes: to help you learn more about the phase you are in & why it's relevant + to re-visit your entire womb's story from conception to now. This research creates an overview of patterns that show up again and again for deeper understanding of what needs to be healed, why, and a clearer vision of how. This is an essential step that is often overlooked in healing journeys.

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Unlimited E-mail/Voxer Support

24/7 access to me to help you move through challenges as they arise, receive guidance for how to move forward + to be witnessed in your process for deeper healing and momentum.

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Weekly Check-ins x4

These are invitations to help you orient to your aligned action steps, so that you feel anchored in your goals and vision. You can think of them as loving accountability check-ins to see where you are in your process + to provide the support that you need at that time to help you move forward.

Rose 2

Gateway Booklets x13

Each booklet gives you an introduction to all 13 phases, what it can support you with, and will help you apply the rebirthing process to your life and biz.

Who is this for? This is for all women:

Untitled design (6).png
Untitled design (6).png
Untitled design (6).png
Untitled design (6).png

Who are change-makers, way-showers, priestesses, divine feminine leaders, spiritual biz owners, healers, medicine keepers...


Who are rising in Divine Feminine leadership and offering their healing gifts to bring change to the world -

Who have the desire and drive + need support making their soul's sacred work a viable income

Who want to use their business as a vehicle to live their sacred purpose while impacting change

Who are ready to claim their power, connect to their deepest knowing, + connect with their ancestors to align their sacred biz with their deepest purpose

Is this you?


Rebirthed is more than “just” a program, it's spiritual evolution...

You'll be empowered to midwife planetary healing and deepen leadership skills + priestess arts.

You'll be invited to step into fuller confidence with your ability to both receive guidance from your deepest wisdom and take inspired action to lead your community that is in alignment with your purpose + will help you make profit.

You'll learn how to trust yourself, your guidance, your rhythms and cycles, your body, your allies, and your guides in how to bring your soul's work into the world to feel fulfilled + create impact.

You'll receive a healing model that you can apply to continue to evolve as more inner wounds surface and are initiating you to heal, grow, and evolve as a healer.

Ready to rise as a profitable priestess?

Client Love: What they're saying

"I have spent years trying to release fear & move into my self; this led to Meghan. I learned of old wounds/beliefs that have held me back & was given tools to start healing them. I was given the assurance that I am worthy, I am going forward, I will get there - to be patient with myself & my journey."

Jessie Haynes

“Meghan is a beautiful soul with a deep connection to Source and the Divine Feminine. Thank you, Meghan, for following your soul’s calling and bestowing your sacred gifts upon the world! I have learned so much from you. I honor you for so bravely sharing your truth, power, vulnerability and divine wisdom!”

Jill Marie

“Meghan is an awakened Priestess who brings a simply beautiful offering to the world. Thank you Meghan for being the clear vessel through which the Divine pours Her bounty. Thank you for showing up and bringing your gifts to the world. Your work is vital in this world that so desperately needs to turn to love.”

Chloe Rose Fielding


My Approach...


I empower you to access your own ability to receive guidance + offer you intuitive guidance that I receive during the session.


My gifts of clair-cognizance and clair-sentience support me to receive full downloads and to access information in your body.


This provides laser coaching on what most needs to be brought into wholeness in the present moment for greatest transformation.

I support you to get to the root in a way that is loving, gentle and embracing.

Healing Modalities I use in sessions:

pink crystal.png
pink crystal.png
pink crystal.png
pink crystal.png


I blend different modalities of healing during 1:1 sessions to alchemize wounds that are ready to integrate into wholeness, which will translate as BIG shifts in your life.


Chakra Healing – I use my 11 years as a yoga practitioner + 9 years of teaching to provide a lens through which I see the evolution of the soul through chakra psychology. As an empath, I can pinpoint which chakras need purification and balancing + have tools to guide you in how to do so.


Womb Alchemy – This is cellular deep healing that uses the tool of the cauldron within your mystical womb to provide the vessel that transmutes an inner wound into medicine.


Soul Midwifery - I carry the lineage gift of being able to listen to the language of your soul and translate that into what alchemical healing you need in the current moment to ground, anchor and stabilize in your body. The alchemy takes you through a process of soul reclamation, as you integrate pieces of self that have been lost in the shadow.


Archetypal Healing - I use the archetypal faces of Goddess to inform my work and to offer alchemical healing journeys when needed. I also offer Goddess transmissions when a deity comes into the session to offer a message for soul alchemy. Different mantras, mudras, and yantras may be used, as is fit.

How is the content of the program delivered?

1.) You will have an online membership dashboard that includes all of the content of this program. 2.) We will use Zoom for our 1:1 sessions together. 3.) We will use e-mail or voxer for support in-between sessions and for prompts during the integration months.

What is the timeline of the program?

From the time that we start mentorship, you will have 13 months in program. The specific dates for when you start and finish will be set in your contract.

How long do I have access to you as a mentor?

As long as you're in the the program, you will have access to me through Zoom and email/voxer. At the end of the 13 months, we can discuss how you can continiue to receive my support as a mentor.

What happens if I fall behind?

Life happens. Sometimes it's easier to follow the timeline of the program than others. This is why integration months are built into the program. Transformation takes time and time is needed to fully digest change.

Why 1:1 Mentorship?

Of course you can do this work all on your own. Of course you have all of the answers within you. Of course you are powerful enough to midwife your womb awakening, AND having a shared journey with a mentor to be a clear mirror into your soul can ignite your transformation that much quicker. You get to take a short-cut, because instead of working through the same wounds over and over, with the same patterns and tools, you get to learn new tools and new ways of being that are embodied by your mentor (me!). Mentorship creates an alchemical vessel that provides you the opportunity to say one huge “yes!” as you tell the Universe that your transformation on your womb awakening journey is SO important to you that you are WILLING to invest in yourself. This leap of faith is a victory, and Universe celebrates you by rearranging your life and gifting you all that your heart desires (in Divine timing, synchronicity, and in bite-size pieces, of course!) Because the group container will help you to move through all of these challenges in a safe space that is conducive for growth and healing, so that you can embody an expanded version of yourself that is essential for helping you to birth your Heaven on Earth.

Will I still get value and results even though this is offered online?

Yes. The caveat always being that you are willing to show up and engage. Time and separation are technically an illusion. Technology can feel frustrating at times AND it is a huge gift that it brings us together from all over the world to have shared journeys that facilitate growth, expansion, and evolution. Having access to the program online, gives you the ability to tune into the content at your own leisure and timing to make it easier to integrate into your lifestyle. So for you ladies who can have a lot on your plate - this is particularly for you! You get to still receive support, yet there is a lot of flexibility and options in how you bring the material into your life thoruhgout the program and beyond.

What does it mean to connect to your womb? And why is it so vital?

There can be a whole lot of subconscious aversion to connecting with your womb. I want you to know that you don’t even need to have a physical womb or need to be actively bleeding to be anchored into your mystical womb-space. It is your vital power centre for holistic wellness, mystical connection, co-creation + primordial wisdom. When you anchor into your womb - you are nourishing your multi-dimensional body, as you attend to your physical wellness, emotional vitality, mental health, intuitive wisdom + spiritual connection. When you move from your womb as your power centre - this means that every decision that you make, and how you live your life is in alignment with your unique rhythm - what I call your lunar womb cycle. This cycle takes you through an archetypal map just like the moon takes a monthly voyage through all 12 signs of the zodiac. When you attune to this cycle, and you know where you are energetically each day, then you have the awareness of what self-care practices + inspired actions to take to align all aspects of your multi-dimensional Self with your energy levels. This means that you move through your life with a sense of vitality, connectedness + grounding, which helps with anxiety, stressful thought patterns, lack of motivation, feelings of separation, and lack of purpose. The womb is how you arrive in this world and the earth’s womb is where you’ll return. Your womb is that sacred third portal that is meant to be your vitality compass to help you live a life of purpose, passion, and bliss. Your original conception and birthing experience created an entire blueprint of how you perceive the world. And because your Mother likely did not have an experience of bliss when you entered this world (not because of anything that she did wrong, but because of the current patriarchal paradigm) - the blueprint that you were born into was one of lack, pain, scarcity and suffering. So stepping onto the path of womb awakening, in which you are choosing to be in relationship with your mystical womb every day, is also about re-writing your womb story to restore your original blueprint to one of abundance, bliss, and unconditional love. And your womb is the key. She enables a depth of healing, a well-spring of life, and a way to connect with your ancestors, past-lives, and lineage gifts that you carry in this life-time from the remembrance of your soul’s wisdom and your ancestral bloodlines. Through the red thread, from womb to womb, we are connected to a sisterhood, to the grandmothers, and to the original Mother of us all.

Why is the program 13 months?

This may seem like a long commitment for some. And it is necessary. Transformation takes time. In this program, you'll be re-writing mental programs, re-wiring your energy body + alchemically healing in your body. This takes time to process, digest, and implement the change. 13 months gives you the opporunity to complete one full lunar year of spiritual healing and development. This means you'll get to go thorugh all of the different phases in a lunar calendar, so that you can embody the change amidst the diverse life sitautions that arise for you throughout the wheel of the year. Integration and implementaiton are also key parts of transformation. The integration months will give you the time to catch-up on content, to integrate healing processes, and to take time to be with your process. The 13 months also gives you the time to be with one mentor, one healing journey, and one goal for a set amount of time, so that you can see and expereince true and lasting change that gives you the results you want and need.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Ready to explore if this is right for you?

At this point, you're probably curious about your investment...

You have two options:



You invest this rate each month for 13 months.

Let's break it down - this is an investment of $19.77/day or $150.31/week

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Save $444 when you invest for the entire program in full. Let's break it down - this is an investment of $18.60/day or $130.21/week.


What would it feel like to have someone there to hold you through the challenges and fears that arise in your sacred biz?


From the discomfort of launching, to the fears that come up when selling, and to the doubt that shows up when you think about your aligned success - let’s imagine, how could that change things for you in your biz?


✨ How would it feel in your day to day to have someone you can turn to when you feel confused about what to do, ready to call it quits, and frustrated as hell?


✨ What would it be like to have someone who's there to celebrate you through your wins, point out your shifts that you might not have noticed + pinpoint what’s lurking in the shadows?


➟ If this type of support sounds nourishing and essential for you in your sacred biz, I'm sooo excited for you to apply for Rebirthed.


🌹 I’m here to support you trust yourself, your biz, and money to show up FOR YOU in your sacred work.


🌹 I’m here to midwife the inner transformation necessary to walk sacred biz as a rites of passage into your deeper becoming for aligned success and planetary impact.


🌹 I’m here to reflect back to you your own brand of magic that’s unique to only you + help you feel confident in wielding it wisely and effectively.


Sooooo.... how do you join?

Fill out the application below: