Magdalen's Womb Bundle

This is what you will get in each bundle

  • 2 pre-recorded video ceremonies that are an hour long each

  • The loving support of Magdalen in your life

  • A guided meditation healing transmission


General Ceremony Flow

I set the space through a smudging ritual, prayers and an invocation of the Goddess, I then discuss the different themes of the ceremony. I close with a 15-25 minute guided meditation for the alchemical healing and activation to occur within the DNA. I send you off into your day with blessings.


Ceremony  1

Hour long ceremony to call Magdalen into your life and to activate the feeling of safety in your body. She will help you feel, on a cellular level, that it is safe to be a woman & that it is safe to embrace your womb-space


Ceremony 2

Hour long ceremony to infuse your womb with the essence of the Rose, so that you can awaken the feeling of ecstasy & bliss in this space & transmute any feelings of shame, unworthiness & dirtiness.

Magdalen's Womb Bundle