Kuan Yin's Womb Bundle

This is what you will get in each bundle

  • 2 pre-recorded video ceremonies that are an hour long each

  • The loving support of Kuan Yin in your life

  • A guided meditation healing transmission


General Ceremony Flow

I set the space through a smudging ritual, prayers and an invocation of the Goddess, I then discuss the different themes of the ceremony. I close with a 15-25 minute guided meditation for the alchemical healing and activation to occur within the DNA. I send you off into your day with blessings.


Ceremony  1

Hour long ceremony to call Kuan Yin into your life and to infuse your womb space with forgiveness of self and others. She will bath you in the violet waters of mercy & compassion.


Ceremony 2

Hour long ceremony to infuse your womb with the violet flame to transmute any judgement and anger through the flame of compassion that is rooted in the passion of endless love.

Kuan Yin's Womb Bundle