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Womb Mystic, Your Fear Is A Wisdom Bearer

Can you feel the collective fear across the globe? I sure can. I came down with a cold the day that WHO announced COVID-19 as a pandemic. Coincidence? I think not. Something similar happened to me the night that Trump was elected into office. I shot straight up in bed during a deep sleep nearly the moment that it was publicly announced that he was elected president.... I am a highly sensitive soul that feels and senses the fears of others to such a strong degree that it can sometimes have physical implications on me (like a cold), especially when it's amplified in the collective field. I share this with you - because I'll wager a high bet that you're also empathic and deeply connected to the web of the collective.  And if you've been taking on more than your fair-share of the bargain... I want to support you move through any of the anxiety/stress/worry/confusion that you may be feeling/tapping into right now. We are in this together, sister. I want to offer the message that fear is a wisdom bearer. There is so much intelligence in the fear that naturally arises within. And it's helpful to be able to discern when it's your fear or someone else's, and to what degree is which. Because when it's not... it's so much easier to release. And doing so could very well just give you back sovereignty of your health.

The nervous system's response to external stimuli that could be a threat to survival is an intelligent system...

It also can be wired to turn on for things that aren't ACTUALLY a threat in that moment, but the nervous system senses that they are because of past-life, ancestral, and this-life trauma (and yes... even when it's not your own and you're sensing someone else's...) So let fear speak to you. Become well versed in all things that indicate that you are feeling anxious.

Where do you feel fear in your body?

Here are some examples to get you started:

✔️ A stomachache... ✔️ Heavy sensation in your heart... ✔️ Rapid heart-beat... ✔️ So many thoughts that you can't hold onto one thread... ✔️ Density/pain/constriction in your throat... ✔️ Tense neck and shoulders ✔️ A lower back that aches ✔️ Clenched hands and feet ✔️ Shallow breathing in your chest And sometimes - the physical signifiers are so small that they go unnoticed, so then you can look to behavioural shifts to help assess if your nervous system is feeling taxed. This could look like difficulty sleeping, resistance to do those self-care practices that support your wellness, a sense of restlessness, and going back to old coping modes that don't feel aligned for you (to name a few.) This information is vital - because when you recognize the symptoms and shifts regularly, then you get to notice trends. When you notice those trends, this is the golden nugget.

Because then you have more information about what is causing it + get to turn to your favourite strategy to consciously move through your experience of it.

💃 You can dance with it. 🌬 Sing with it. ✍️ Write with it. 🎨 Create art with it.

And in that co-creation, in that moment - you are liberated, from one layer that is triggering the fear, as you integrate yourself into deeper wholeness.

And in that liberation - you expand, you evolve, you return home to yourself, for you allowed yourself to be witness to a piece of you that was ready to see the light of your own gaze. This is what I call womb sovereignty (when you're so tuned into your body and way of being that you notice your cycles and make decisions to SERVE y o u.) So let fear bring you closer to you.

Let fear be a friend. See if you can view it as a wisdom bearer. And commit to Self that you will put together the pieces to receive fear's message with an open heart, full of compassion.

It may just inform you more deeply about who you are, where you come from, and what is truly important to you.

Learning how to listen to the wisdom of the womb goes beyond sitting in mediation - it filters into every sing part of your life. Everything that you feel, everything that you experience - this is all information that forms a coherent message for you to learn how to listen to - even when it comes in the guise of fear.


I write weekly posts in my private Facebook group Wild Moon Sisters to support womyn listen to their innate wisdom and power. You can join here to receive the weekly inspiration to tune into your womb for guidance, clarity, and the ability to discern what is healthy for you.



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Image by Katie Harp

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