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We Are Here to Birth The New Earth

Updated: Oct 26, 2020

I invite you to try this on: you were born for this moment.

All of the pain and discomfort, all of those challenges - what if they are initiations to prepare you for the growing pains of evolution, to prepare you to step up, stand up and rise to the full embodiment potential of the work your soul came here to do?

What if you came here to midwife the new earth, to priestess the paradigm shift, to hold the light within your heart and DNA so profoundly that you activate the light grid on earth?

Earth is going through a massive shift - an upgrade. Every single thing that is not in the frequency of Love is making itself felt and known.

And this is necessary. This is the process of evolution - from shadow, to light, to transcendence.

This is liberation - not so that we can leave our bodies, but so that we can arrive in our bodies more fully, and we can activate our purpose even deeper.

This is the same for Gaia. For Her to fulfill Her destiny, she too must experience the process of evolution. And right now, those evolutionary shifts are collective.

We see this with climate change. We see this with COVID. We see this with violence and abuse. Everything that is rooted in fear is coming up to the surface to be looked at, seen, and witnessed so that we may collectively ascend to Love consciousness - from the 3D to the 5D.

COVID is a wake up call - a global activation - a global awakening to how interconnected we are as a species, how truly we are one living organism. What is felt by one is felt by all.

This awakening was written in the stars.

It has been a long time coming. Gaia has been urging us to wake up, to unite, to come together to make some massive paradigm shifts, because business as usual has been exploitative.

Climate change and the threat of global extinction from shifts in the atmospheric pressure hasn't been pressing enough for global leaders to unite and enforce change to shift practices to create a sustainable future for our grandchildren.

And it seems that COVID has been that. As painful, terrifying, and threatening as it has been for many, and I really acknowledge and feel for those individuals who have been fiercely confronted by this pandemic - we can use this as an opportunity to pave a new way.

The time is now to step forward, to show up, to nourish your divine light daily and to devote yourself to something so much bigger than your life, to a collective movement, a collective midwifing of a new earth that is sustainable, co-creative, abundant, diverse, harmonious, relational, and balanced.

This is your invitation to rise in devotional leadership. Play your piece. No action is too small. Even the smallest pebble ripples waves of change. You can too.

Did this post speak to you in anyway?

Let me know in a comment below, click the heart to breathe energy into this work, or come on over to Wild Moon Sisters to share your experience.

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