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Re-Wild Your Life For Freedom

Updated: Jul 11, 2020

Have you been feeling pent-up too? I had all of this scattered energy the other day. I felt this inner rebellion to the structure that I had planned for my day.

And I’ve been working with my energy long enough to know the self-destruction that comes when I attempt to control this energy. In this case - that would have looked like forging forward with tasks that asked me to mentally focus to produce content for my clients. And my mind was alllll over the place... 

In the past, when I’ve tamed this energy and forced it into a box too tight (aka doing my planned tasks) it usually leads to burn-out, frustration, obsessive energy, and overwhelm.

Here’s the thing, global regulation is at an all time-high: stay 6 feet away from people. Wear masks. Sanitize often. Don’t hug. Don’t travel. On and on the list goes… This isn’t a complaint. I get it - there’s a pandemic. We’re all doing the best we can. 

And I also know that the more the global system tightens its control and regulations, the more my energy wants to unleash and re-wild.

→ And this desire to unleash doesn’t necessarily show up in the most straight-forward of ways. 

→ It can show up as feeling stuck, pent-up, bored, isolated, overwhelmed, confused, lethargic, unmotivated, depressed and even angry.

✨ Are there ways that you can let yourself off the hook?  ✨ Ways that you can adapt your life to mange your energy? ✨ Ways that you can unleash and re-wild?

One of the things that has helped me to understand my energy + to work with it has been getting to know my womb and particularly her cycle.

I don’t just mean my menstrual cycle - I mean my monthly energetic cycle that mirrors the waxing and waning of the moon. 

When I honour, follow, and flow with this natural rhythm - I feel:

>> well-balanced in all of the areas of my life >> energetically nourished + attuned to my needs >> and self-embracing of my emotional ebbs and flows

You see... society hasn’t been set-up to follow these cycles. There was a time when the calendar system followed the 13 moon cycles each year and when womxn were the time-keepers. 

That time isn’t right now. We have a solar calendar and we live in a patriarchal society. The needs of the womxn’s body aren’t built into the system of how the fabric of our society runs. 

We have been programmed to mistrust our bodies, to numb out from our inner cycles, and to tame the wildness that makes up who we naturally are as cyclical beings.

It’s shifting. And thank goddess.  Yet, we still can’t look to the system and the societal structures to fulfill our needs. We need to self-resource and become aware of how our bodies work first.

There are systems of oppression that have been placed upon us all and womxn have been targets for thousands of years. This dismantling can start from within.

Our bodies ARE Mother Nature. We ARE Earth. We hold the entire cosmos in our wombs.

The more that you re-wild your womb. The more that you re-wild your life. The more that you listen to the innate wisdom between your thighs. The more that you activate your embodied power - the more free you become.

But first, you need to become acquainted with this power centre, this time keeper, this inner oracle, this birther of life. 

 It starts with building relationship. Getting to know one another. Learning the in’s and out’s of how she activates, how she speaks, and how she guides.

You can learn more in this post about how to be in connection with your womb through a womb-centered way of living your life.

Did this post speak to you in anyway?

Let me know in a comment below, click the heart to breathe energy into my work, or come on over to Wild Moon Sisters to share your experience.

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Image by Katie Harp

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