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Priestess Your Money - 5 Tips To Free Yourself From Debt

When you think about money - if the first thing you feel is: worrisome thoughts, instant stress + overwhelm - then I’ll wager a bet that healing your relationship with money is a great next step in helping you to live a life that lights you up.

Our minds like to create all sorts of stories about what money is and how there’s not enough of it to go around. Here’s the thing - most of the stories that your mind tells you about money - they’re not true. And most of them aren’t even yours to begin with….

How you feel about money matters. Why?

Because like attracts like. So if money stresses you out, you’re gonna keep attracting situations with money that stress you out.

Did you know that how you relate to money provides a mirror into how you relate to yourself? And that underneath that dollar bill TRULY is the frequency of beauty?

The ancient tantric texts tell us that Lakshmi creates the matrix of EVERYTHING on Earth. Yep that includes money too.

So innately woven into money is the frequency of beauty (because that's Lakshmi!) Lakshmi shows up in how you tend to your money, your finances, your assets, and how you relate to your innate value.

You see - money is just energy.

And the energy of money isn't about money at all. It's about the flow of reciprocity (the energy of giving and receiving). If you wanna tap into this flow - you gotta heal your relationship with money - straight up. When you start to apply the energetics of money into your life, a whole world of possibility can start to open up for you.

So let’s try on something new (because it’s possible!). When you think about money, you feel: excited, joyful, inspired, supported, grateful (or something like that!). And when you feel this way about money - what happens?

You call in situations involving money that help you to feel like you’re #abundant AND #THRIVING. It all starts with those beliefs about money that you may or may not even be aware that you have!

So how do you go from being caught in the hampster-wheel of debt to using money as an agent for sacred change?

Here are 5 #PriestessYourMoney PRO TIPS:

1.) Set the resolve - When you hold firm to a resolve with commitment and consistency, literally everything in your life will start to shape-shift to support your resolve.

Your sincerity will help to re-write behavioural patterns that are contributing to the debt cycle + light-up new neural pathways that create patterns that hold abundance. Which in turn will expand your consciousness!

2.) Build Relationship - The foundation of relationship is getting to know one another. And in that process comes awareness.

So you gotta get clear about your beliefs about money + how they impact you, and then you gotta start casting banishment spells (think money mindset shifting + transmutational prayers).

Because we all know that if a relationship is gonna THRIVE, then you gotta believe in the your partner and hold loving thoughts about them, right?

3.) Seal Leaks - Do you over-spend? Do you even know where your money is going? Is credit your best friend?

There is a fine balance - you want to expand your threshold AND you wanna do it in a way that is money-wise. This is where a budget comes in. Seal those leaks through awareness and commit to your budget (as best as you can, without being rigid like Professor Snape!)

4.) Create Money Outlets - Connect with your heart. What does it desire? What are those 3D Earth-realm things that you need AND especially those things that you tell yourself you can’t have?

Well - make a list and claim that you want them.

Because unless you have an outlet, the energy ain’t gonna flow... AKA - if you want something, instead of thinking you can’t have it - open yourself up to possibility.

5.) Give, Give, Give - This one’s key! And so counter-intuitive. If you’re the one who loves to cling onto your money for dear life, this one is ESPECIALLY for you.

I’m not saying give away all your money - but in order to receive, you need to give.

And you need to give from a feeling of gratitude, as if you’re making a sacred offering. When you empty in this way - what fills you back up is pure GRACE (I’m talking pleasant surprises of massive cash in-flows, surprise gifts of money, massive break-throughs in your financial situation…)

And when you’re no longer captive to the fear that you’ll never have enough money,

meaning you can’t invest in experiences and resources that will help you to THRIVE (like investing in mentorship, cough, cough, or Wealthy Goddess, wink, wink, and all sorts of other beautiful things) - then you start to vote with your money.

And when you spend money, wisely and consciously, as an offering - you’ll know that each dollar spent is your vote to birth the New Earth that is here to sustain all of life (and that means you too!).

Following these tips (consistently + with sincerity!) helped me to break out of the debt-cycle I was caught in for a decade.

After I set the resolve, 6 months later, my financial situation shifted by $12 grand in 2 months without changing a single external thing in my life. So aka - I was out of debt AND in the positive, and only 4 months later... a MASSIVE influx of wealth came in.

This is possible for you too. Miracles are possible when you believe. You GET to live the life of your dreams - one that feels fully self-expressed, purposeful, and abundant.

Please don't settle for a life that feels like a pair of jeans 2 sizes too small. You get to expand.

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Image by Katie Harp

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