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Moonthly Archetypal Shift to the Alchemical Goddess in 2020

A new era is about to dawn. A revolution is being sparked. And you are at a point of choosing what paradigm and movement you are here to midwife and stand for. How you show up in the world does impact the whole. Even though it doesn't always feel like it - the actions that you take DO have an effect. The Winter Solstice on Monday marks some of the most impactful astrology that we have ever seen on Earth.

It aligns with the Great Conjunction - when Saturn moves into Aquarius and is conjunct Jupiter.

So what happens when the planet of systems and structures moves into the sign of the humanitarian visionary and is amplified by the largest planet in our system?

Well…. it sparks a new age and ignites a revolution.

Big change is happening. This is a turning point. Business as usual is not working and it's apparent in all walks of life. This Great Conjunction is gifting us the opportunity to make radical changes to birth a paradigm that is Earth-sustaining, equality-producing, and co-creative in nature. I love that this is happening during the Alchemical Goddess moon in the Wheel of the Year. Why?

This face of Goddess is sorta like the embodiment of ALL of the 12 faces of Goddess in 1. It's an integration of the entire year. It brings into quint-essence the biggest lesson that your soul has been working through and gifts you with a re-brith.

As we get closer to ending one cycle, we are at the portal of a birth. Right now - we are in liminal space. And the liminal is integral.

Yes, this liminal space can feel arduous. Yes, it can feel confusing. And yes, it can feel chaotic. The Queen of Death asked you in the last lunar cycle to become more masterful in trusting AND taking comfort in the unknown.

She was preparing you for this moment, right now - that moment when the death becomes the re-birth and you rise out of the ashes as Alchemical Goddess, re-born, having integrated more aspects of yourself into wholeness.

Because ultimately - embodying your wholeness is truly the greatest gift of them all.

How will you choose to use this potent portal?

You're invited to join us in a Winter Solstice Ceremony and to be apart of the Womb Revolution movement.

The vision of this movement is that you CAN make a difference and that it first starts by embodying the change you long to see in the world within your own body and womb.

I have been gathering a collective of Divine Feminine leaders (like you!) to be inspired by 8 revolutionary power-houses who are impacting change through their connection to their wombs.

Want to join this FREE series that is here to spark a #WombRevolution for planetary healing and change?

You can sign-up here.

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Meghan serves women through 1:1 work + group programs to come home to their inner knowing and empower themselves. She stewards Wild Moon Sisters as a free temple to support women embody their Divine Feminine wisdom and power. She is committed to helping her clients bring their soul's work into the world. You can learn more here.

Image by Katie Harp

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