Healing Your Relationship With Money in a Womb-Centered Way

Updated: Jan 22

I never thought that spirituality and money could be bff's 🤞until I met my Divine Feminine in Business Mentor, Beth Katherine.

What about you?

After our work together - I came to recognize that there is a way for us lightworker, Priestess types to be in right relationship with money that is womb-centered AND spiritual.

Three pivotal things she taught me that have supported me to heal my relationship with money are:

1.) Clear out limiting beliefsabout money and scarcity consciousness. 

2.) Become an energetic matchwith abundance if you want money to flow in. 

3.) Money is a helpful tool that we can use to birth Heaven on Earth.

And it was that third point that helped me to commit to the first two. Even though I consciously wanted money to survive - subconsciously, I didn't want money AT ALL; I thought it was evil and unsafe.

I also did not believe that I was worthy of thriving and of having plenty, because I felt selfish to want money in a world of economic disparity and so much global poverty. 

I thought that I needed to suffer in order to make amendsfor the ways my ancestors have enforced world colonization and for how my white privilege has allowed me an easier life. 

Can you relate to this?

I still cringe knowing that massive economic disparity exists and that the entire infrastructure that our world is based upon systematically and intentionally oppresses people because of their race, ethnicity, gender, and sexuality,

...AND... I've learnt that one way that I can truly make a difference is to use the privilege and power that I have been given to embody the change I long to see in the world.

I started to see that money is not evil - it's how it's been historically used to oppress people that has been evil. Money in the hands of those who want equality and prosperity for all can do a whole lot of good. 

I became aware that I don't need to be a martyr. No one needs saving.The only person that I can truly lift up is myself. And when I allow myself to thrive and live a prosperous life, I raise the vibration of the collective consciousness and hold the energetic field to rise out of scarcity for the collective. 

And then - I also get to vote with my dollar and invest in the people and infrastructures that can bring equality, sustainability and peace to Earth. 

Money can be in service to spirituality. The key is for the focus to be on how money can be a currency to bring prosperity consciousness to all. 

The focus on being of service with money brings us out of primal fear and scarcity and lifts us into abundance - the frequency of the heart, of the 5th dimension, which is the home of Unconditional Love. 

I have so much gratitude to Beth for helping me to connect these dots, which has been pivotal in me becoming full-time in my soul-fuelled business, Wild Moon- where the mission is Embodied Love for All and helped create the foundation for one of my signature programs - Wealthy Goddess. 

She is someone who has been an ally and teacher in how to walk in right relationship with money to enact positive change in the world. 

She has just come out with a 6 week course called the Priestesses Guide to Manifesting Money.

→ If you could use some support healing your relationship with money and learning how to manifest in a way that serves the world - this is for you. ←


And if you'd love to get started healing your relationship with money in a womb-centered way right now, I've recording a guided visualization in which I guide you through clearing prayers of limiting beliefs with Mother Mary, as you access your womb cauldron to alchemize the beliefs through the elixir of unconditional love. ⬇️

I offer Wealthy Goddess once per year. This transformational program with Goddess Mentors can support you to feel wealthy within, become pregnant with abundance & birth your Heaven on Earth. This will teach you the ancient rite of womb sovereignty to regain the ability to consciously conceive, weave, and birth life through your body temple. Learn More Here.

Did this post speak to you in anyway? Let me know in a comment below, click the heart to breathe energy into my work, or come on over to Wild Moon Sisters to share your experience.

May you align with the frequency of abundance within and become an energetic match to call in all of the resources you need to bring positive change to Earth.



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