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Ancestral Restoration of Stolen Energy As A Way to Help End Rape Culture

Updated: Nov 16, 2020

Can ancestral healing be one of the 'missing links' to healing generational patterning of sexualized abuse perpetrators?

Big exhale.... During an ancestral restoration ceremony led by Sama Morningstar, Womb-Centered Healing Temple founder, I received a clear and potent message from my inner guidance.

I heard that the more that we attend to the ancestors in our bloodlines that have had energy, lands, practices, and traditions stolen from them - the closer we can get to ending rape culture - both of bodies and of Earth.

Here’s what I mean by this.

Somewhere in each of our bloodlines are ancestors who were indigenous to a body of land. It’s fairly safe to say that somewhere, at some point in time, there were ancestors that have been stolen from in each person’s ancestry.

When this happens, the effects of this live through our DNA until the energy is repaired, restored, and brought back into balance. So unless there is some type of reconciliation - there is an energetic depletion passed down through the bloodlines.

And this energetic depletion can come through in many ways - feelings of lack, scarcity, + inadequacy AND it can also come through as over-compensation, over-exploitation, + over-consumption.

So let’s apply this energetic dynamic to power.

If someone has had power taken from them it could a) lead them to feel disempowered and b) it could lead them to want to have power over. And this may be a subversive process that is internalized with no conscious awareness of this desire and where it is coming from.

Still with me? So let’s bring this a little further and apply it to sexualized abuse and generational patterning wired within DNA.

Ok, say there is a generational patterning of sexualized abuse in your bloodlines. You know the saying ‘hurt people, hurt

people’. When you look at the biography of a lot of sexualized abusers, guess what - they’ve been abused too, and sadly - the statistics of how much of this abuse happens within families is startling.

So what if this generational patterning of having power over other people’s bodies (aka sexualized abuse) is part of the energetic depletion of ancestors who have had land, resources, and culture stolen from them?

And what if there is an energetic compensation that is trying to bring the energy back into balance through the ancestral karma of trying to take power back through sexualized abuse?

And if this is one contributing factor - what if we could do ancestral reparation ceremonies to restore the energetic balance to help dismantle and end the cycle of generational perpetrators of abuse and rape culture?

If this is resonating, and especially if you have this patterning somewhere in your bloodlines - I invite you to do ancestral healing work to play your piece in bringing energetic balance to not only your bloodlines, but Earth too.

The healing work that you do ripples out through the world. And this restoration and reclamation is particularly potent now as nutritional depletion, extraction of Earth’s resources, and pillaging of Gaia’s body is happening at rates WAY faster than she is being restored and replenished.

I see this attendance to the energetic balance within your bloodlines as a potent action that each one of us can take to shift rape culture at large so that there is a more equal distribution of energy, resources, power and wealth.

Curious to learn more? In this article here, I offer an example of an ancestral healing ceremony I offered to help bring reparation to sexualized abuse trauma.

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Meghan serves women through 1:1 work + group programs to come home to their inner knowing and empower themselves. She stewards Wild Moon Sisters as a free temple to support women embody their Divine Feminine wisdom and power. She is committed to helping her clients bring their soul's work into the world. You can learn more here.

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