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Why is there Suffering? Let's Dream A New Story into Be-ing.

Updated: Jan 30, 2020

Meghan Lockhart

For as long as I can remember, I have contemplated these questions: "why is there humxn suffering? Why is there inequality? Why is there violence?"

I have considered these questions from many lenses: from science, to psychology, to sociology, to politics, to anthropology, to religion, to economics. And to be quite honest, I have been disappointed with the ideology that each discourse has provided. They each offer really powerful frameworks and insight.

However, when studying those discourses, I never felt that ping of truth. The kind of ping that comes from the heart and is felt in the body, that is a deep knowing, like the love that you feel for a beloved.

The existence of violence and inequality has caused me great pain. When I look to events like the Pol Pot Regime, or the Holocaust, or the Witch Burnings, or Colonialism, or Slavery, or animal extinction, I just can't help but think:

...."WHAT THE FUCK?"....

How can these events have happened, how is genocide, slavery and rape still happening? How is it that there are around 100 million people worldwide that are homeless (United Nations Survey, 2005)? How is it that about 11% of the humxn population reports being hungry on a daily basis (United Nations Survey, 2016)?

We have the resources to feed every person in this world. We have the land to house every person in this world. So, what is going on? Why are there certain people that live in a mansion and others that live on the street?

There are so many ideologies that will try to give me an answer to these questions. I am no longer interested in understanding the social, economic, political, religious and cultural structures that have shaped society as it exists today. I believe that those are the symptoms. Those are the systems that Humxnity has created to cope with the root cause of suffering.

Patriarchy is the best that we have collectively been able to dream into being right now.

I am interested in the root cause. I am interested in the spiritual truth.

And here is what I know to be true from the depth of my being. In my lensing, the truth of WHY there is violence, inequality and suffering can be summed up into this one word:


Disconnection from self, disconnection from Divinity, disconnection from Humxnity, disconnection from animals, disconnection from all of our relations, disconnection from the source of our resources, disconnection from the Truth.

I have leaned into this truth. I have examined it. I have critiqued it. And at this time, it is the only word that can explain the myriad atrocities that have plagued the globe for the last thousands of years.

Consider this, if all humxns were CONNECTED to Self, to Divinity, to Humxnity, to Earth, to all of our relations, to community, to one another, and I mean truly connected through Love and kinship, why would someone harm another?

Quite frankly, I just do not think that it would happen. And I know, one might posit that there are those who are mentally ill or who are just straight up evil that may cause harm.

So my answer is this: we allow violence and suffering to happen as the collective species. WE ARE ALL responsible for the one person that chooses to behave inappropriately.

And here is why: in scientific and spiritual truth, there is no separation. We all come from the same organism. Quantum Physics tells us that if one atom in an organism is altered, that all parts of the organism will feel that shift.

We as humxns, are collectively dreaming our reality.

Psychology tells us that we develop core beliefs from the time that we are in the womb to about age 7 when our brains are operating at slower frequencies and are more easily shaped. Psychology tells us that every single thing that we know is perceived through these core beliefs. Essentially how we perceive reality IS NOT TRUE even though it FEELS true to us.

When we look at a person, we see something solid. We see the physical body. The body appears to be solid, whole and unchangeable. Quantum Physics tells us, however, that we are made up of 99% empty space. So if the truth of what we are made up of is mostly space, then WHY do we see something that looks solid?

Because of our PERCEPTION.

Our perception is created from the beliefs created from our life experience, from those around us and from all humxns that have ever lived. It lives in our DNA. Our perception can bind us to lies. Our perception can keep us locked in limited and narrow thinking that perpetuates outmoded structures and outmoded ways of treating Earth and others.

Essentially, we are all stuck in a dream that tells us that what we see in "waking" life is true. That's the cosmic joke. Most of us are asleep. And since most of us are walking zombies to the structures that the patriarchy has put into place, we keep unconsciously dreaming this limited, narrow, unequal, and constricting world into existence.

When we WAKE UP, when we all realize our potential to be able to singularly and collectively dream a new life into being, then why would their be suffering?

If we were truly tuned it, tapped on, and connected to the Source of Creation, which is Love, why would one person want to dream violence, rape, crime, or suffering into reality?

There truly would be no need.

So this is what I believe to be true within every fibre of my being: there is suffering right now because the majority of humxns on Earth are dreaming this patriarchal model into being that is perpetuating and building structures that allow inequality and violence to exist.

But what if the majority dreamed into reality a new model, a new discourse?

We live in an abundant Universe. There is enough for everyone. The problem is that we do not believe this collectively. There are millions of stories everyday that say, "I don't have enough." "I went to bed hungry." "That person has more than me." "Life is unfair." And because there are millions of these stories everyday, we are still in the framework of scarcity. We are in the framework of lack and limitation.

I am not invalidating these stories, or a person's life experience that has led to scarcity mentality. In fact, I deeply feel for and love these people. I am one of them.

This is not one person's problem. This is a global problem.

We know that, energetically, we are connected to every single thing on this Earth and every single person on it.

Quantum Physics tells us that these stories quite frankly are not true. There are endless options, endless possibilities, and infinite solutions; so why would these stories of lack be our perceived reality?

Because we collectively believe them to be true, the law of attraction provides the life situations that will continue to prove our beliefs as real. The law of attraction says, "here you go, you are telling the story of lack, so I am going to give you more lack."

There was a time when the collective dream was one of cooperation, abundance, sustainability, restoration, kindness and Love.

That time is not right now. And because that time is not right now, we see suffering. But there has been a Golden Dawn on Earth. There is archaeological and anthropological evidence that weaves a story of ancient cultures living in harmony together.

And so, why am I writing this post? What is its relevance to you?

I want you to know how powerful you truthfully are. So. Fucking. Powerful. You have the ability to tune in, wake up and turn on to the truth of what is real. I want you to know that if you feel jaded, upset, saddened by the state of what is happening to Earth, that you can actually do something about it. You can be the change by your way of be-ing in this world.

You do not need to be in a position of power to enable change. You just need to be you. How cool is that?

I have a gift offering for you. One that is from my heart to yours.

Embody Your Power As Wombyn

A FREE 5 Day Transformative Journey that I really want you to receive. If this post has struck a chord in you, and you are ready for this new consciousness that we can bring to Earth, then this gift series is part of that awakening.

This is a journey in which you can viscerally feel into where the source of your power comes from. You get to experientially feel yourself growing this power in meditation. The intention is not for you to be powerful, so that you can misuse it, but rather, for you to experience your sovereignty, so that you know that you are capable to co-create a beautiful world.

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So many blessings to you, my love.

May we dream into being, a reality of abundance, love and harmony.



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