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Allow this practice to help you come to centre each day to feel grounded, calm, and safe during these times of unknown

Gather in sisterhood to help you commit to showing up for spiritual practice that will feed your light body and activate a light grid on Earth

Show up with purpose, as you devote this mantra to Divine Mother to alchemize fear into faith for not only yourself, but all beings.  

Embody the frequency of Green Tara and ignite the spaces within you that are courageous, compassionate, and in service

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Allow the mantra "Om Tare Tuttare Tare Soha"  to support you to experience calm in a time of collective panic.

This series is designed to give you the tools and community to commit and dedicate yourself to a spiritual practice that will not only support you to feel peaceful, but will activate a planetary awakening of light through the power of mantra.

All in all, you'll receive....

Video with teachings about the Green Tara Mantra

Daily ritual to alchemize fear into faith


Video + audio recording of the Green Tara Mantra

A Green Tara altar card with the mantra

5 Daily e-mail reminders

BONUS! 5 live zoom call practice sessions in sisterhood (includes grounding meditation, accountability, + extra mantra to seal the practice in light)

Opportunity to receive a full scholarship to Into Gold, Like A Goddess

5 daily call to action posts to complete in Wild Moon Sisters for accountability

(Keep scrolling down to learn more about gift series logistics + this scholarship opportunity...)

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Gift Series Logistics

When you sign-up for this series, you will receive a welcome e-mail.


Before the challenge starts, you will receive a welcome video with teachings:


I will talk about who Green Tara is, what her mantra means, how it can help you right now, and tips on how to commit to this daily chanting practice.


+ You will receive card with the mantra that you can place on an altar or sacred space where you will practice your daily chanting.


Everyday of the five day challenge, you will receive an e-mail from me with a video recording and audio recording of me chanting the mantra, so that you have the reminder and the tool to help you chant every single day.



(If you can't tell, I'm really excited about this...)


To AMPLIFY the potency of this experience, I will also invite you to a live zoom practice every day of the challenge, in which you can gather with me and the sisterhood in live time to chant this mantra together.


The live calls will take place Monday through Friday at the same time each day.

This challenge is May 4th to May 8th

Times for the live session TBA


When you complete all 5 days of the challenge you will be entered to receive a full scholarship for Into Gold, Like a Goddess -


a 7 week program to support you feel wealthy both within and without + to heal your relationship with money to birth a life that lights you up with joy and purpose.


When you sign-up for this gift series, you will receive all of the details about how to enter to receive a scholarship to the course.