Nourish Calls


If you're wanting to tune back in & create more freedom, I can support. I offer hour long 1-on-1 Nourish Calls.

Here's how it can flow:

• With the support of your spirit guides, we'll identify underlying blockages, beliefs & wounds that are limiting you.

• You will discover how to tune back in, how to connect deeper and how to listen to & trust your own innate wisdom.

• I will leave you with an embodied practice to delve deeper into your being, so that you are a little more clear on how to move forward in alignment with your sacred purpose.

By the end of our session together, you’ll feel grounded, heard and clear on how to move forward.

Interested? Click here to book your session today. 

Ready to start your journey? Let's activate the magic that you seek!

.............imagine being listened to on a heart level & receiving the support of your spirit guides, ancestors and deities. 

.............imagine connecting to the wisdom of your womb & embracing your soul's needs.


.............imagine being heard and feeling grounded and at home in your body.

.............imagine receiving individualized tools to activate your own ability to heal yourself.

If You Could Use...

🌹a big soul-hug + 

🌹a touch of upliftment + 

🌹a dash of transformation,

I'd love for you to consider booking a 1 on 1 Nourish Call with me.

In it, we will go deep, deep, deep...

I will hold space for you to speak, to be heard in all of your light and shadow, and I will hold a space of unconditional love for you.

I will hold a resonant field for you to empower yourself and to find and re-connect with your own intuitive guidance + offer you up wisdom from your guides/ancestors/deities.

I will support you to get to the root of the issue, whatever nitty gritty pattern it is that is holding you in the rut and keeping you from turning that next spiral on the rung of transformation that your soul craves to do.

Sweet sister, I want you to know that it is one of my deepest gifts to witness sisters and to really hear them.

I have years of experience speaking with people about the deepest of the deep: suicide, death, grief, anxiety, depression, gender/sexuality exploration, paranoia, sexualized assault...

I have even had a client tell me that the reason that they stopped having suicidal thoughts was because of me.

I am a Priestess, and as such, I have training in:

☥ how to be present on a soul level,

☥ of how to transmute pain into love

☥ and how to connect to source energy to support in the

process of cellular deep-healing.


I seriously love supporting people through the shit-storm.

If you could use someone to talk to, please reach out. It would fill me with purpose and joy to have the honour of serving you.

I would like to say, thank you, Meghan, for the Nourish Call this morning. I got such a deep sense of what it is I need to do next, spiritually. I had some realizations of where some of the wounds are stemming from...thus giving me the opportunity to begin the process of healing. I may have shared things I would normally not. But it's what spirit led me to. I have to forgive myself for that shame, or I will forever be in pain over it. Time to begin to heal. Me, archangel Michael, archangel Gabriel, Meghan & my new support of the group ♥️ .

Elizabeth Anne