3 Day Ceremonial Series to commune with your Primordial Soul

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This is a journey of spiralling down and into your most Ancient Soul for deep remembrance, embodied activation and communion with the Creatrix of all Life with the loving support of Isis, Mother Mary & Mary Magdalen.

This is How the Gift Series Will Flow

Ceremony 1


Ceremony to invoke the Goddess Isis to help you viscerally connect with the Cosmic Womb and to download remembrance of your most ancient self into your body.

Ceremony 2


Ceremony to invoke Mother Mary into your life and to connect you to the Great Mother within, so that you may always feel nourished, loved and supported.

Ceremony 3


Ceremony to invoke Mary Magdalen into your life and to connect you to the unique rhythm and wisdom of your womb, so that you can access her as an oracle for moment by moment guidance.

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Womb Nourished Mystic