Are you ready to come home to your essence & reclaim your body as a magical vessel?

Are you ready to unlock your sacred map with the support of your sisters?

Are you ready to dive into the mystery of your soul?


Wild Moon Sisters is a temple space, devoted to the Creatrix of all life. This temple serves as an etheric space for spiritual guidance, sharing, connection and devotion. This temple is designed to support you to remember your essence self, your gifts as a healer, and awaken your Shakti, so that you can walk Earth in embodied freedom, joy and peace.


In this sisterhood, we work with lunar cycles and Earth cycles, Goddesses, womb mysteries and teachings of the rose. We work to remember and awaken our WILD nature and the ancient mysteries that bind us together in the One Big Heart.


Together, we devote deeply to ourselves, to sisterhood, to humanity and to Mamma Gaia. We are stewards of the land and keepers of feminine wisdom to assist in bringing in the new consciousness. 

Let’s bring our planet in alignment with connection, love and social responsibility!

May this be a safe space for your healing, growth, transformation and evolution. May it be a place for you to be witnessed, to feel heard and to be deeply listened to…

Embody Your Power As Wombyn

This FREE journey of 4 guided meditations, 4 videos, and a live ceremony will help you to viscerally connect with the source of where your power comes from within yourself. It will help you to lead from your heart, so that you can feel confident and strong in the knowingness of the truth of who you really are, as you connect to the magic of being a wombyn.