Radiant one, What if I told you that 3 – 6 months from now, this is your new norm: you wake up feeling grounded in your body, vibrant, and clear on how to move forward, moment by moment, with TOTAL confidence?


This dream is yours to claim.


And I am here to offer you 1:1 mentorship to POWERFULLY anchor you into your womb & alchemize any wounds that are ready to see the light. 


Turn your pain into pleasure and attune to the primordial wisdom that longs to birth through you. It is your birth-rite to experience your womb as the magical cauldron that She is.

Beautiful sister, I have a message for you. You are here to birth the new Earth through your ability to take the spiral descent down and into your body and to heal all of those spaces in the shadow through the Elixir of Unconditional Love. Your journey into wholeness, your ability to choose your essential Self – this…. this is your ultimate gift to the world. 


Your most radical act of love for yourself, for Earth, and for all of humxnity is your ability to claim your body as a temple and to anchor into your womb as your source of power for birthing Heaven on Earth.


You might not believe this yet, or it might make you afraid, but you have this inner knowing within you that you are here to make BIG change in the world. And you’re here to do it by your way of be-ing - by your quality of showing up with presence through the pain and the joy and for those that you adore and for those who challenge you.


You have big dreams (maybe a soul-fuelled business, living off the gird, having the time to live an Earth-based life, financial freedom to travel the world & invest in your healing arts trainings, money to fund a non-profit you believe in...)


Essentially you want more time to be in your freedom and bliss and less time spent grinding to the stone and living under the spell of the patriarchy. You want to pave your way – a path that is life-affirming, equality creating, and Earth sustaining.



But as you try to get this Heaven on Earth off the ground, you are overwhelmed. You self-sabotage by second-guessing yourself every step of the way. You may think “who am I to make this happen?” and “There are people all over the world who are suffering, so why do I deserve to get what I want?”

Sometimes you feel stuck and unsure of how to move forward. Because well… your power, it scares you. You have been hiding – afraid to be seen in your fullness and afraid to see YOURSELF in your fullness.


The age old wounds of thinking that you’re not enough and not worthy of your desires keep coming up in all areas of your life. You’re at this point where you’ve realized that it’s time to do some house-cleaning, dust out the cobwebs of your mind, dance through the shame in your womb… commit to Feeling. It. All.


You are soul-fuelled, purpose-driven and majorly big-hearted, and sometimes... you get lost in the tsunami of your own emotions, thinking that all of the suffering in the world is your cross to bear, so you subconsciously choose to suffer too.


What if I told you that there is a different way, one in which you can live in joy, bliss, purpose AND make positive change on Earth….


The path of reclaiming the Goddess within….. The path of anchoring into your womb and allowing the Divine Feminine mysteries to inform your inevitable becoming.


Does this sound like you?

Image by Katie Harp

Hi! I'm Meghan

Womb Wisdom Mentor. Temple Guide. Yoga Teacher.

I’m here to midwife your womb-awakening, to support you get out of your mind and into your body, and to mentor you in how to listen to your primordial wisdom within your womb. 


I can offer you tools, resources and 1:1 support to get you from doubting yourself to trusting the innate wisdom of your body and soul. Mentorship with me will help you turn your pain into pleasure.


The wounds that lie within you, these will become the gold that you offer the world. They will be the medicine that you offer yourself to FULLY step into your purpose.

 when I went to see a Naturopath to support me through Candida. I had expected her to tell me what I could and could not eat and supplements I could take to clear out the fungus.


What she did instead was gifted me my homecoming by calling my spirit back into my body and shared teachings on how to talk to my body.


This was the beginning of what led me to find the Priestess Presence temple and train as a Priestess Initiate, to find Mary Magdalene as my guide, and to find mentors to awaken me to womb mysticism and to claim my lineage gifts as the keeper of the keys of the womb mysteries.


I have 5 years experience supporting clients transform through 1 on 1 sessions.


It brings me utmost joy to serve womxn, to help them remember their power, and to teach them how to anchor into the medicine offerings of their bodies. I am the creatrix of Wild Moon – where I serve the mission Embodied Love for All. And I steward Wild Moon Sisters as a living temple to ignite the Magdalena Awakening and the Womb Revolution that is spreading as an oceanic wave across the globe. 



Clarity - it will be easier for you to access wisdom, guidance and support, as you are tapped into your primordial soul. With clarity comes more confidence in making moment by moment decisions to support you in living a life that you are totally in love with and that is in alignment with your Highest Self.

Purpose – Your womb is your power centre, She can access the blueprint of your soul’s purpose and guide you in your dharma. 

Creativity – The womb includes your reproductive organs, and energetically this is TOTALLY linked to your creative expression. As you unlock your sacred sexuality, your creativity can’t help but birth through you and shakti ripples of creation.

Inner Peace – Anchoring into your womb connects you to the Cosmic Womb and the Earth Womb. As you anchor into the experience of faith and trust, your nervous system calms and a sense of peace can permeate your being.

Loving Sacred Space – In our sessions, I will create a space in which you feel heard and held as you navigate through the shadow. Deep listening and witnessing from me will support your womb to open and to feel safe bringing the shadow into the light.

Alchemical Healing - You have the opportunity to heal layers of womb trauma for you, for your bloodlines (past, present, & future), and for all of humxnity.

Ally Support – Each session, I will call in your Spirit Guides, allies, loving ancestors, deities, totems and angels to create an alchemical vessel of light. 

Ancestral Connection – As you anchor into your womb, you will deepen your connection to your ancestral lineage, which can help guide you in claiming your spiritual lineage and your blood-line lineage gifts. 

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Image by Katie Harp

My Approach...


This approach is a combination of me supporting you to anchor into your innate primordial wisdom, so as to empower you to access your own ability to receive guidance + offering you intuitive guidance that I receive during the session.


My gifts of clair-cognizance and clair-sentience support me to receive full downloads and to access information in your body to provide laser coaching on what most needs to be brought into wholeness in the present moment and how to do so with most the grace and that yields the greatest transformation for you. 


I blend different modalities of healing during 1:1 sessions to alchemize wounds that are ready to integrate into wholeness, which will translate as BIG shifts in your life.


+ Chakra Healing – I use my 10 years as a yoga practitioner + 8 years of teaching to provide a lens through which I see the evolution of the soul through chakra psychology. As an empath, I can pinpoint which chakras need purification and balancing + have tools to guide you in how to do so.


+ Womb Alchemy – This is cellular deep healing that uses the tool of the cauldron within your mystical womb to provide the vessel that transmutes an inner wound into medicine.


+ Soul Midwifery - I carry the lineage gift of being able to listen to the language of your soul and translate that into what alchemical healing you need in the current moment to ground, anchor and stabilize in your body. The alchemy takes you through a process of soul reclamation, as you integrate pieces of self that have been lost in the shadow.


+ Archetypal Healing - As a Priestess Initiate who has walked through one year of formal training and has integrated the practices of the 13 Moon Mystery school into my life for the last 4 years – I use the archetypal faces of the Goddess to inform my work and to offer alchemical healing journeys when needed. I also offer Goddess transmissions when a deity comes into the session to offer a message for soul alchemy. Different mantras, mudras, and yantras may be used as necessary.


Thank you so much for helping me see my power. ❤️ I'm excited to move into this new stage of my life in a confident and less scattered way. I've been feeling very scattered and fearful, and now I'm feeling much more level-headed and together. Thank you so much.

Sister Love

Image by Ana Tavares

Womb Story Questionnaire 

This gives you the opportunity to look at your womb story from conception until now. This will provide powerful insight into how your womb story has impacted your life, gaps in the story that you may like to investigate + areas of healing to focus on.


1 on 1 Sessions

You will receive two sessions per month and you choose how many months you want to partner together. Each session is 1 hour long + you will receive a recordingof our work together. 

Embodiment Assignments

At the end of each session, you will have a tangible tool to integrate into your life. This could be a sacred chant, a mantra, self-care practice, yoga postures, prayer, visualization, archetypal frequency to work with, etc.

Womb Embrace Goddess Bundle 

A series to embrace you womb, as you sit in ceremony and meditation with Kuan Yin, Mary Magdalene, and Aphrodite. They will help you to feel more connected to your womb, more grounded in your body, and will help you to cultivate deeper love, acceptance and compassion for yourself.

Unlimited Email Support  

You will have unlimited e-mail access to me to support you with any needs that may arise. When I offer support, I tune into your highest self and spirit guides to ensure that the guidance is of utmost service to your soul’s evolution.


A Place on My Altar 

I will choose an oracle card that serves as a physical space-holder that I place on an altar in my home temple. This helps me to physically hold space for you and gifts you with the benefits of my daily spiritual practice and temple tending. 

I have so much love for this (Womb Embrace Goddess) bundle...Each ceremony is so uniquely tailored for a specific type of healing. If i am struggling I can grab just the right thing and actually clear what needs clearing or heal what needs healing. I can sit down and actually leave whatever it was behind and not pick it back up to struggle with again. I have loved all of your stuff, Meghan, but this package has been the single most healing thing I have ever been blessed with.

Cindy Lee


In all of these sessions, I use an individualized approach to integrate these principles of womb awakening in the way that will be best received BY YOU. I do not have a script to follow, but will listen deeply to YOUR SOUL to inform the sessions and the healing journeys.


1. Grounding Session – This initial session will support you to anchor into a feeling-state of trust within your body, as you grow roots into the Earth Womb and open your cervical gateways to the Cosmic Womb. I will support you to build a relationship with your unique face of Goddess as your Ishtadev (your personal face of Source). This will provide the foundation to allow your spirit to come into your body.

2. Homecoming Session – In this session, I will call your spirit home into your body for a homecoming, so that you have a conscious experience of inviting your Spirit into your abode. You will learn the reasons why she left and how to keep her home in your temple. 


3. Womb Anchoring Session – I will support you to anchor into your mystical womb and give you a tangible experience of how to integrate this practice into your daily life. 

4. Womb of Silence Session – I will teach you how to enter the epicentre of your womb to listen to the primordial voice that longs to speak to you and guide you in your daily life in a way that is aligned with your cycle. This is a seminal skill that you will want to come back to over and over.

5+ Womb Alchemy Sessions – After you have gone through the first 4 sessions that create the foundational work of womb awakening, we will integrate those principles into each session and also invite in the experience of womb alchemy, in which you become aware of a wound that is ready to be healed into wholeness through the process of soul alchemy. This process of soul reclamation can be fun, totally creative, and truly empowering.

Image by Te Akatea


If any one of these bullet points speaks to where you are in your life, this work will serve you. And if multiple points speak to you, then this work is calling out to you!



  • You have always felt like you are going through life alone, like you have a lot of responsibility and like you just have to have it all together because so many people depend on you. And because you go through life alone, it is hard for you to RECEIVE – receive money, abundance, support, etc. And now – you are ready to FINALLY receive support through mentorship, through opening up to your innate wisdom, and by connecting to Great Mother, because well, your tired, fatigued and burnt-out on trying to do it on your own.


  • You have a sticky relationship with your Mother, have felt abandoned by her in some way, and/or have felt like she has not been emotionally present for you, which has been impacting your ability to TRUST that Great Mother can hold you and support you. Your primary tool to navigate life has been CONTROL. And now, you are ready to surrender, to let go, to take that leap of faith to trust that you will be supported as you follow your destined becoming in your fullest expression of Self. 


  • You have a challenging relationship with your body either from womb trauma (this could be trauma from your birth, from being pregnant, and/or from any type of trauma related to giving birth), sexualized abuse trauma, or perhaps from having an illness/disease/chronic pain or loss of functioning in your body – which is keeping you from wanting to fully anchor into your body and your womb. You know that when you do, you will have to Feel. It. All. in order to heal it all. These traumas might be impacting your ability to FULLY value yourself, to trust yourself, to trust your body, to feel worthy, and to want to anchor into your womb. And you are ready to go through the next layer of healing for liberation.

Image by Caroline Veronez


  • You are afraid of your power, thinking that you might misuse it or that others will think that you are “too much” or “too far out there.” So then, you give your power away and seek for guidance outside of yourself in terms of making daily and big-life decisions. You have so much going on that you can overwhelm easily, get lost in the stimulation of life and then forget where it is that your soul wants you to be going for your evolution and growth. And you are ready to call all of that scattered energy back to yourself to step into the power centre of your body – your womb.


  • You don’t feel like you belong - in your body, in your family, in your community, or perhaps even on Earth – so you tune out, dissociate and flee. Your spirit has left to be in a place that it feels wanted and taken care of. You are ready to feel connected, anchored, grounded, present, and engaged in a life that you love.


  • You want to develop a more intimate relationship with your womb and experience the beauty and magic that she is. You want to learn how to listen to her voice and to experience her as a portal of mystical guidance. You are looking to feel connected to your own rhythm, your own innate pulse and cycle that will keep you functioning in health, wellness, and happiness.


  • You are looking to experience a deeper sense of self-love, self-acceptance, and self-compassion. You are ready to stop keeping yourself in the shadow and reclaim all parts of yourself through the Elixir of Unconditional Love, so that you can finally step onto that next spiral of soul transformation.


Of course you can do this work all on your own. Of course you have all of the answers within you. Of course you are powerful enough to midwife your womb awakening, AND having a shared journey with a mentor to be a clear mirror into your soul can ignite your transformation that much quicker.


You get to take a short-cut, because instead of working through the same wounds over and over, with the same patterns and tools, you get to learn new tools and new ways of being that are embodied by your mentor (me!).


Mentorship creates an alchemical vessel that provides you the opportunity to say one huge “yes!” as you tell the Universe that your transformation on your womb awakening journey is SO important to you that you are WILLING to invest in yourself.


This leap of faith is a victory, and Universe celebrates you by rearranging your life and gifting you all that your heart desires (in Divine timing, synchronicity, and in bite-size pieces, of course!)