Fri., Nov. 13 | Virtual Temple

Womb Temple - Cervical Gateway Healing

Sisterhood Ceremony to Restore Your Connection to the Wellspring of Life
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Womb Temple - Cervical Gateway Healing

Time & Location

Nov. 13, 2020, 5:00 p.m. – 6:30 p.m. MST
Virtual Temple

About the Event

2020 has been a year, hey? And here in the Northern hemisphere, we’re diving into the underworld. The increased hours of darkness offer us a gift - the time to enter the womb of the Great Mother to gestate and heal.

This time is not always easy. It can illuminate the shadow aspects of self that feel isolated, fearful, and unsupported. This ceremony comes as an offering of medicine to help you feel supported and held by not only yourself, but also the Great Mother of all life.

The temple will guide you through the experience of arriving at a place of felt safety and relaxation. This helps you shift your energy and frequency to move from fear to faith, from stress to calm. When you strengthen the inner frequency of faith, you become more able to receive and magnetize abundant situations to you.

You can expect to have an experience of inner calm and peace.

This felt safety will support you to navigate change with an expanded capacity to move through stressful situations with more ease. Having the tools to activate inner peace impacts all areas of life - it improves your relationships, your contentment in work, + your ability to feel supported in any situation .

So what will you receive?

>> A virtual live 1.5 hour long healing temple, which includes: a transmission with teachings about the cervical gateway, tantric yoga practices, a guided alchemical journey, + a witnessing circle to integrate the healing.

>> You will learn simple yogic techniques through breathing exercises and meditation practices that you can easily incorporate in your life to continue to access the same sense of felt calm and safety.

>> + you can come back to the recording again and again for continued support.

So - if you could use a soul spa to restore your inner sanctuary to feel nourished, full of life, and re-vitalized - this is for you. This is your time to receive, to be cared for, and to be filled up from a well that is limitless.

And guess what? You’re worthy of it. Ready to join the temple?

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