You don't need to have a break-down to have a break-through.

As in - getting sick... that doesn't need to be your permission to take care of yourself. 


Having dis-ease... that doesn't need to be your reason for coming home to your body. 


And having a ‘problem’… that doesn’t need to be your excuse for self-growth.

I get it - life can be busy and chaotic. 

It's natural to think that you can attend to your well-being once everything and everyone else is already taken care of….


But really, how can you truly give from a cup that's only half full?

Those to-do lists.... I bet they go on for days. 


Those needs from others, I bet they could fill up all of the hours in your days. 

And all of the things that you WANT to do… I bet it’s a juggle to even try to get them a time-slot in your days.

So what if you try-on a new approach? Imagine this:


Your whole day is scheduled around you getting the time that you need to take care of yourself first.



You start your day with being filled up from Divine. 

You fill up your cup fully; you charge your light body; and, you get nourished from the inside out - every. single. day.


Sounds juicy, right?

So all of that stress and overwhelm, all of the frustration - what if.... you approach that from having nourished your most essential needs first?

When you water the roots of your being, everything else will naturally thrive and blossom.


Spiritual practice isn’t just a reward or a bonus - it’s ESSENTIAL - as necessary to your health as brushing your teeth everyday.

So how do you water your spiritual roots everyday + do it in a way that feels magical, fun, and inspiring?


A 30 Day Challenge

of Devotional Dedication


You can thrive through daily devotion

to Goddess, and here's why:

Embody Goddess Daily will help create the structure, routine, commitment and motivation to help you devote daily to a spiritual practice that nourishes you from the inside out. Translation - thriving on the meditation cushion & mat, helps you to thrive in all parts of their life. 


Forming this daily habit will help you to feel more grounded, aligned and connected. This makes it easier to navigate challenge with trust, resiliency, and a feeling of being deeply supported and held by life through any storm


Daily sadhana (spiritual practice with an intended outcome) strengthens the nervous system and makes it easier to adapt to stressful situations, while maintaining a sense of calm in the body to help you make clearer and more informed decisions that work for you, your family, and the global community. 


Embodying goddess through sadhana nourishes your whole multi-dimensional being. Tantric yoga is a wholistic systems that both helps you liberate outdated modes of being + helps you to find the harmony between the elements within self, as it strengthens each layer of your being. (So ps - this strengthens your health & wellness in #alloftheways).


Daily practice helps you to EMBODY. When you stick with a practice for an extended period of time (like 30 days), the mind can surrender to the wisdom of the body, and it’s WAY easier to FEEL the frequency of goddess inside of you. THIS is what helps you to walk as goddess in your life. When you can find her frequency within you on the mat, then it's way easier to tap into in muggle life too.

Ready to join the challenge in sisterhood?

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Why now? 

Why will this serve me now?

Now more than ever - it is essential to lean into practices that help you to feel nourished, grounded, and calm. The more chaotic life gets, the more essential it is to prioritize spiritual practice. 

Embodying goddess daily helps you to commit to spiritual connection when things are amazing, thriving, and abundant PLUS when shit feels hard, chaotic, and challenging.

Creating the habit is key. Forming that muscle of disciplined devotion is what gives you the strength to show up to your practice EVEN when it feels like your life is falling apart.

And this…. this is what holds you through any storm. Your ability to come home to yourself and to find that inner piece of divinity that reminds you of how powerful and capable you are to do ANYTHING. 


Walking as goddess helps you to connect with that place inside of you that is radiant, everlasting, limitless, and timeless. 

There are different archetypal frequencies of goddess who can help you to activate different qualities and ways of being that help you to thrive. 


In this challenge,

we'll be invoking the Goddess, Lakshmi

Image by Vivek Sharma

She is the frequency of abundance, wealth, prosperity, and beauty.


When you embody her frequency everyday, she helps you:

>> to see the beauty inside of you and the beauty that surrounds you everywhere. 

>> to feel the wealth of inner qualities inside of you that make you uniquely you. 

>> to embody the frequency of abundance.

>> to attract abundant situations (money, loving relationships, joyful experiences, opportunities, etc.)


Hello abundance and good-bye stories of limitation, because Lakshmi helps you to break free. 


>> Whatever limitations society and your ego have placed upon you, she helps you to sustain the drive to bust through any story, so that you can feel free on the inside. 

>> That is her true gift: freedom. 

>> Inner freedom, creates outer freedom.

>> So if you have a dream and it’s not here yet, embodying her frequency helps you to call that dream into your life. 

Why does this challenge light me up? 

a.k.a - why am I offering it now?

Hey girl! I'm Meghan.

Womb Priestess | Yoga Guide

I serve conscious, spiritual womxn to come home to their inner knowing to empower themselves. I LOVE supporting them to create lives that honor their gifts, their energy levels, and their well-being from body, mind, to spirit.  


I've been practicing yoga for a decade and guiding for 8 years.

I have a daily practice and have had one for a long time. I’ve been that girl living in her car, living in the desert, living in the forest - showing up for her practice through rain and shine, practicing on rocky ground, dirt, and on inclines, being attacked by mosquitos and bugs, when feeling chilled and when blasted by the sun. 


It’s safe to say - I’ve showed up no matter what, even when I didn’t have a private space to practice in, even when my only space was a parking lot with onlookers staring at me, even when I didn’t feel like it.


And why? Because I know what’s at stake when I don’t commit to my practice:


I feel more drained, sad, lethargic, overwhelmed, and confused. The longer I go without, the more chaotic and overwhelming my life starts to feel.


When I let sadhana be my anchor, my life regulates and things align again with a more harmonious flow. 


What is going to change

within you at the end of the 30 days?

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Copy of Copy of Gate 1.png
Copy of Copy of Gate 1.png

Inner Calm. Devoting daily to embodying Goddess through sadhana will help you to feel anchored and stabilized within your centre. Sooo... your capacity to navigate change, chaos and life decisions from a grounded place of clarity and inner peace will increase.

Inner Drive. After completing 30 days of intentional goddess embodiment, it's going to be way easier for you to activate your inner drive that propels you through any intention that you have for yourself. This inner muscle of being able to commit and follow through can be applied to all areas of your life. So do you have a dream, a vision that your soul longs for? This ability is key to making it happen. Because when things get tough and you want to give up, your ability to show up with consistency is what will help you to persevere.

Devotional Dedication. AND - you will have an increased ability to commit to your self-care and spiritual wellness + increase your ability to walk as goddess every single day. As you take care from Divine everyday, your ability to be aligned in your soul's purpose + your ability to receive spiritual guidance to help you make daily decisions will heighten.

Are you ready to embody Goddess daily?

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"I am so grateful to have worked with Meghan Lockhart. I have changed a lot since I decided to step up for my inner journey with her. I am able to trust who I am and feel good about me. I am fearless and feel stronger than before. Thank you for being my guide Meghan."

Mimi Das

"Meghan will help you to reconnect with the innate goddess within you, the goddess that wants to be found and loved back to life.  You will remember your core divinity, and you will love her. You will come out the other side knowing that you are the miracle you were looking for.”

Cindy Lee

“Meghan is a beautiful soul with a deep connection to Source and the Divine Feminine. Thank you, Meghan, for following your soul’s calling and bestowing your sacred gifts upon the world! I have learned so much from you. I honor you for so bravely sharing your truth, power, vulnerability and divine wisdom!”

Jill Marie

How are you going to receive those results?

This is how the challenge will flow:

The resolve is to embody goddess daily for 30 days in a row.

But this is more than ‘just’ a challenge - it’s a sisterhood, a spiritual community of goddesses walking alongside one another to hold each other up.


By the end of the 30 days, you’ll have an hour long spiritual sadhana that will help you to embody Lakshmi.



We will take an incremental approach. You’ll be given the practice in bite-sized pieces each week. Rather than throwing you out in the deep end, this will be a slow, steady, and sustainable build.

This is about habit formation - the habit of embodying goddess daily to help you THRIVE. And the habit is formed in such a fun way! We’re talking altar tending, ritual, and invocation. Heck yes!

So once you've formed this habit, the challenge is setting you up to continue embodying goddess daily in your life.


Week 1 - We will start slow. Because remember, this is about embodying goddess EVERY day through formal sadhana. You'll get to create an altar + a plan for how to bring this daily practice into your life.


Daily Practice: sit in front of your altar and perform opening chant + invoke Lakshmi through mudra, prayer & visualization.


{3-5 minute commitment per day.}

Week 2 - This week will build upon week 1, so that each day you do the previous weeks practices and add the new ones into the practice. You will receive tantric teachings about Lakshmi + how her frequency can serve you. 


Daily Practice: you'll add chanting her mantra 3 times + a pranayama breathing exercise into the practice.


{7 to 10 minute time commitment per day}.

Week 3 - This week you'll receive tantric teachings about why mantra japa & sadhana are seminal practices to health and spiritual wellness + how tantric yoga helps you to evolve and expand.


Daily Practice: You'll build on the previous practices by chanting her mantra 108 times (which is a full round on a mala).

{20 minute time commitment per day}.


Week 4 - This week brings it all home into a complete practice. And this week is all about getting these teachings of soul growth into your body. You'll learn about what exactly goddess embodiment is and why it's so important to help you live a life of purpose, contentment, and joy.


Daily Practice:  You'll build on the previous practices and add a Lakshmi Goddess Flow (movement based vinyasa-style practice) + a closing ritual and chant.

{60 minute time commitment per day}.


What's included to set you up for success?

By the end, you will have a complete 60 minute practice to embody goddess daily through the frequency of Lakshmi - goddess of wealth. It will include chanting, movement, breath-work, meditation, prayer, and ritual. You will receive a full-length video of the entire practice, so that you can keep practicing it once the challenge is complete.

Daily morning Facebook group posts + weekly e-mail reminders. You'll also receive extra check-in posts throughout the week to help you stay engaged and current about what your weekly practice is and to remind you to reach out for support when you need it.

You'll receive a weekly LIVE group session every Wednesday at 5:30 pm MDT of the challenge. Each class will open with a transmission, will guide you through the practice for that week + will close with a group check-in. Replays are included.

Facebook group to go through this challenge in community. You will be paired up with an accountability sister, so that you two can keep one another motivated and have someone to check-in with throughout the challenge.

You’ll receive a PDF guide that includes tips to help you to stay engaged, motivated, and dedicated to the resolve of embodying goddess daily.

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“Practicing with Meghan is like high-fiving an angel. She facilitates space where you can really tune into your intuition and let that be the guiding force of the practice. Meghan’s flow finds a beautiful balance between powerful yang postures with deepening yin postures. Her energy is radiant, her knowledge of yogic practice is inspiring and her creative dynamics are refreshing. Meghan’s classes also bring together a rad community feel.”

Kai Cabodyna


The Journey Begins August 31st!

Heart Investment

$272 USD

Curious if this is right for you?

Thanks for submitting!


How is the content of the program delivered?

1.) Everything is delivered through an online membership portal. So by the end of the program - you'll have access to EVERYTHING in one spot to make it really easy to navigate the content. 2.) You will receive weekly e-mail reminders that detail the updated goddess embodiment practice 3.) The sisterhood group is hosted in a private Facebook group. You will receive daily reminder posts to help you remember to commit to your daily practice. 4.) All live temple group classes will take place through Zoom. This platform gives you the opportunity to connect with me and the other sisters in the program in live-time + to see their faces. This helps to create the feeling that we are actually live together in temple.

What is the timeline of the program?

The program officially begins August 31st. At that time you will receive all preparatory materials to help you get set-up. The challenge will begin on September 2nd and will end on September 29th.

How long do I have access to the program?

You will have life-time access to the replays of all classes and the full length Lakshmi Embodiment Practice + the PDF. You will have access to the private sisterhood for the 30 days of the challenge and 30 days after to continue integrating and connecting with other sisters from the program. Access to mentorship from me in the private group ends on September 29th.

Why am I your lady to guide you through this challenge?

My energy is wired to help inspire you to have the drive to initiate change. My life is devoted to building sisters up to help them thrive by empowering themselves. I have trained as a priestess and have been working with the frequency of Lakshmi for many years. She came to me and made it very clear that she wanted to be the face of goddess for the womxn coming into this challenge to embody.

Why a group program?

The container of the program has a frequency. And it is the frequency of the program and what it can offer you that you are drawn to. Everyone in the program helps to create the frequency of the container. When you are in a sisterhood that is held in an alchemical container with the common intention of helping you to feel wealthy within and birth your heaven on earth - you receive inspiration, support, motivation, and witnessing from the other sisters in the program, which is an expereince that is truly priceless. If you are challenged by staying motivated and seeing things through - this is for you. If you are challenged by allowing yourself to receive support - this is for you. If you have a hard time asking for help - this is for you. If you have a hard time feeling like you belong - this is for you. Because the group container will help you to move through all of these challenges in a safe space that is conducive for growth and healing, so that you can embody an expanded version of yourself that is essential for helping you to birth your Heaven on Earth.

Will I still get value and results even though this is offered online?

Yes. The caveat always being that you are willing to show up and engage. Time and separation are technically an illusion. So even if it appears that you are sitting at your home in one part of the world and everyone else are in different parts of the world, in spiritual truth, we are all together. Technology can feel frustrating at times AND it is a huge gift that it brings us together from all over the world to have shared journeys that facilitate growth, expansion, and evolution. Having access to the program online, gives you the ability to tune into the content at your own leisure and timing to make it easier to integrate into your lifestyle. So for you ladies who can have a lot on your plate - this os particularly for you! You get to still receive support, yet there is a lot of flexibility and options in how you bring the material into your life thoruhgout the program and beyond.


I am beyond excited to get started!