Claim your gift, beloved!

3-part gift series to deepen your discovery of who it is that you truly are and why it is that you truly are here on Earth. You will deepen this discovery through a video series, guided meditations and an embodied practice ritual.

I invite you to a free 3-part training series

This is how it works, you will:

+ Receive a 3-part video training series every 3 days to explain: what embodied presence is, why it is so vital for you, and how you can walk as embodied presence.

In addition, you will receive support to viscerally connect to your spirit & soul.


You will:

+ Receive a meditation to call your spirit home in your body

+Receive an embodied practice ritual to nourish your spirit

+Receive a meditation to create sacred union between spirit & soul

My deepest hope for you, beloved, is that you feel nourished, present, grounded and whole. This is an offering from my heart to yours. May you be blessed on your sacred walk.