Through 1:1 coaching, ceremonial workshops & embodiment practices, you will discover WHO you really are & WHY you really are here.

I invite you to Embodied Presence:        A  4-Month Deep Dive

If you commit to this beautifully crafted initiatory journey, you will:

+ Call your Spirit back home to your body

+ Cultivate self-love & sensuality with the Goddess Aphrodite

+Connect to your intuitive abilities to deepen your trust of your guidance system

+Be part of the healing of humanity by radiating your presence

+Move through your life connected to Source, yet deeply rooted in the physical realm

+ Leave the program feeling so clear on your soul's sacred work


Here's what you will receive each month:

+ An hour long ceremonial workshop on the month's initiation - Value $60

+Receive an Embodied Practice Plan - Value $20

+An hour long 1:1 Nourish Call - Value $70

+ Unlimited E-mail support - Value $120

Total Value Each Month - $270


+ Chakra meditation album - Value $25

+ Yoga Nidra Recording - Value $5

Heart Offer



Gate 1

In this potent intention setting ceremony, we will bring your spirit home. You will receive a channeled message from the Goddess Aphrodite. You will experientially  connect to your essence. 


Gate 2

You will listen deeply to your intuitive guidance system. You will practice the art of stillness to be an open chalice to receive.


Gate 3

This is deep alchemy! You will learn about the 5 yogic koshas that create the Self. As you recognize all parts of Self, you can transmute your shadow into Love on all levels of your being.


Gate 4

Integrate all levels of your being to walk as Embodied Presence. Connect to source and the angels to ask for miracles! Move forward with your soul's sacred work.

Each Month's Initiatory Gate

This is for the heart-centered, sensitive woman that is ready to come home to her body - 

Ready to feel safe, grounded and present in her life - 


Ready to walk as embodied presence on Earth.


If something has sparked in you - something so visceral & undeniably clear - then I invite you to dive deeper.

My deepest hope for you, beloved, is that your spirit feels safe, your soul expressed and your body nourished.

My questions for you, love - 

+ Are you ready to show up & empower yourself?

+ Are you ready to love yourself into wholeness?

+ Are you ready to embody your soul's sacred purpose?