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Ready for your soul's sacred work to be amplified?

You deserve to be supported as you create bigger impact in the world.

You get to walk this path of sacred biz

alongside a sisterhood who is here to lift you up.


You get to rise AND thrive 

+ feel fully self-expressed in your unique gifts


as your work ripples waves of change.

...Imagine that showing up for your sacred biz and content creation feels magical, it’s inspired from your deepest connection to your most creative self...

Goddess Collective will support you:


Gain momentum in your sacred biz

Receive crystal clear clarity about what  you're creating


Have the motivation to follow through

and create your projects & offerings 


+ feel confident to put yourself out there

to be seen in your magic

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What if I told you that you can make a massive difference just by being you?

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Birthing the New Earth is not about choosing service over happiness or sacrificing your needs to heal the collective.


You get to be of service as you show up and offer your medicine in the way that brings you deep joy AND brings you an abundant income.

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While Earth is going through major growing pains right now -


You may feel like the world is falling apart, and you might not know where to start to make a difference.  Maybe you’ve felt like the weight of the world is your cross to bear and that there is never enough that you can do to help. 


It might feel like you need more training, credentials, and certs to be legit - or that you ‘should’ be showing up in a certain way to serve.


The world has changed so much that it can be tricky to know how to pivot in your biz to stay current with the shifting world. Overwhelm.... it's a real thing. 'How do I know what to offer, when, how, and for how much? And is it really making an impact?' 

And maybe it even feels scary to put yourself out there in a bigger way - having further reach, being seen and heard by more people... (aka livestreams, vulnerable shares, close-up photos... not so easy, hey? that witch wound can sure get in the way)

And with all of the internal shifts that you're going through on a personal level and then adding that up with the global change - it's pretty natural to feel like you're walking this path alone...

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Imagine walking a new path -

one where you're part of a collective of women - a sisterhood who unites for a common cause. 


One where you're birthing the New Earth together, as each one of you offers your unique gifts and medicine in the world.


 Sisters from all walks of life navigate this path with you - through the pains of contractions together, to the joy and anticipation of what is coming.

What if you could have a support team to help you get your soul’s work into the world + a network of women who are excited to help you get your message out?

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We're creating a New Earth...........

where all women are honoured, the feminine is respected,

all humans are walking their sacred purpose, Earth is honoured with reciprocity,

all species are treated as relations, all humans given equal opportunity,

+ there is equal distribution of wealth and resources for all. 

Black and White Earth

And you GET to be part of this.

You get to CHOOSE to be a leader who is here to impact change through your healing arts, priestessing, and unique gifts.

The time is now to walk as a pillar of strength for yourself, your family, your community, and the world. 

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We are the Daughters our Grandmothers

have been waiting for. We are the voices of Earth.

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We are a Queen's Council Sisterhood 

 a coven of witches, an inner temple circle of diverse devotional leaders, magic weavers, and Priestesses
who stand in sovereign power as co-birthers of a New Earth.
We are committed to bringing our soul's work into the world to create change AND form sisterhood as we amplify one another's sacred work together.

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This monthly membership offers you the community, tools + training to step more fully into bringing your soul's sacred work into the world AND creating bigger impact.

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Each month, we gather in a virtual live
Queen's Council Circle

These help you get really clear about how you're being called to serve + we'll work with the lunar cycle to help you have the energy and inspiration to take action.

Month by month - you'll bring your creative projects, programs, sacred visions, offerings, and devotional leadership into the world.

And you'll have a sisterhood and mentor to spotlight your work, so that you're not birthing this work alone.

Ready to bust through the overwhelm and that fear of being seen to follow through with the work that your soul came here to do in an even BIGGER way?

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Meet your guide - 


Hi! I’m Meghan.


I show up as an Intuitive Mentor & Womb Priestess to offer my medicine to midwife planetary awakening.


I answered the call to step fully into my soul's sacred work by focalizing Wild Moon Temple.


This supports women embody their Divine Feminine wisdom and power to help them stand as pillars of strength to embody change for the collective.

I received this call loud and clear, "your most radical act of love for Earth is to fully land in your body."


My main mission is to support women rise in their soul’s work to both heal + impact global change. 


Learn more about my work here. 

Meghan is a wonderful mentor! Her loving energy and unconditional presence makes you feel so safe and held. I felt safe opening up to Meghan in ways I never had which allowed me to receive support and feel seen in a new way. 

Julia Szymanska

Who is this for? This is for all women who are:

Change-Makers, Way-Showers, Priestesses, Divine Feminine Leaders, Spiritual Biz Owners, Entrepreneurs, Creatives, Ceremonialists....
Who have the inner call to rise in Divine Feminine leadership and offer their healing gifts to bring change to the world -

Who have the desire and drive + need support with clarity and momentum to get their soul's work into the world (think creative projects, programs, books, online platforms, circles, ceremonies, podcasts, gatherings, healing practices & medicines, etc).

Who want to use their business as a vehicle to live their sacred purpose while impacting change

Who are ready to claim their power and connect to their deepest knowing in what they are ready to bring forward

Is this you? Feeling the call to join the collective now?

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Goddess Collective is more than “just” a membership, it's a sisterhood...