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Yoga Nidra practiced in savasana and is a set of ritualized and systematic tools to guide one into the state of remaining awake within the dream in an expanded state of freedom. Practitioners often leave feeling relaxed & rejuvenated.

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TThis is a soulful ceremony to gather in sisterhood and to experience the potent energetic portal of the moon within our bodies through ritual and movement. Practices will include a ritual to honor the moon’s phase, a guided moon visualization, a moon flow, shakti dance, and a sharing circle. You can expect to arrive in your body, strengthen your intuitive abilities, and to leave feeling energized.


This is a soulful New Moon gathering to initiate a cycle of growth through the container of sisterhood, while engaging with an Archetype to activate inner healing. Each circle will call in a different Goddess and transformational theme and will include a different set of rituals, activities and embodiment practices to deepen into intimacy with Self, the Goddess and the circle. 


A mantra is a combination of sacred syllables in sanskrit, a tool of meditation, a devotion to the self to re-wire thoughtless fluctuations of the mind. When the mantra is chanted out loud, it calls on the power of all of those who have chanted it before, infuses the practitioner with a spiritual potency, and frees the mind from limitation. One mantra will be chosen, introduced, and chanted out loud 108 times all together. The class will then move to a guided meditation and close with savasana to receive the medicine evoked from the practice.