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In just 4 days, call in more money & aligned clients in a way that feels really fucking good, with all of your magic on board.

The best part? It’s FREE!

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Ready to receive more money doing what you love?
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This will help you identify what needs to shift in your biz right now to make more money


+ empower you to feel good walking as priestess in biz, as you bring your FULL SELF forward.


Move from feeling pressure to fit yourself into a box and a broken system of doing business to being liberated in claiming your terms and how you want to show up.

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Yes - marketing gets to feel good, making sales gets to be magical, and business gets to be a sacred tool for you to impact planetary change.


You get to have it all: mystical connection AND tangible results.


AKA - receiving money gets to be sacred.

So what if you let your biz be the bridge?


As you show up for your work, you also devote to your soul’s becoming, Goddess, and  your purpose.

It’s a win win for all. Biz is the initiation. And you can walk the priestess path within it.

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Come strengthen your ability to ground into your innate wisdom, so you can speak, sell, and guide from a place of heart-centered presence.

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Here's the Initiation Map:

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<<< Day 1: Preparing for the Initiation: >>>

Monday, December 13th, 1 pm MST

How to Walk as Priestess in Biz


Knowing how to merge both parts of self, the priestess and the entrepreneur, helps your energy to be fully on board to make profit for your spiritual gifts. We'll talk about how to do this.


<<< Day 2: The Initiatory Gateway: >>>

Tuesday, December 14th, 11 am MST

What Are You Laying Down?


This will help you identify what needs to shift to help your energy be completely on board to bring your fullness forward + make profit doing so.


<<< Day 3: Stepping through the threshold: >>>

Wednesday, December 15th, 1 pm MST

What Are You Claiming?

This will help you claim your terms of how you want to call in clients + serve as priestess in biz, so you can 100% stand behind how you’re showing up.


<<< Day 4: Emerging as Priestess in Biz: >>>

Thursday, December 16th, 1 pm MST

Activation to Call in Aligned Clients

On Jupiter's Day, the day of wealth, this will take you through a temple journey activation to support you get crystal clear on how to bring more of your gifts into your biz right now + magnetize your aligned clients to you.

Meet Your Initiation Guide:

Hi! I’m Meghan. I support priestesses make profit. I midwife transformation, so that women can both birth & get their purpose work into the world.

My favorite tools? Womb awakening, Goddess Embodiment + Cyclical Living


I’ve spent the last 8 years supporting people to have energetic + mindset shifts to reach their goals. And we’re talking - supporting people to navigate through some of THE toughest times in their lives to come back to centre.


I started in the non-profit world, working with marginalized communities in mental health, and here I am now - serving priestesses to call in the resources, money + community to pillar in their temples on Earth.

You can learn more about my work here.

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Image by Sophie
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Julia Szymanska,
Intuitive Coach

Meghan is a wonderful mentor! Her loving energy and unconditional presence makes you feel so safe and held.


Deborah Beckwin, 
Content Strategist 

If money is a sticky wicket for you and your business, then Meghan will help you get unstuck and replanted in a more lush, prosperous place.


Beka Soyars,

When I feel blocked or stuck, or want to tap into my womb deeper than ever to hear what it is that I need to be doing for my path and mission, Meg is my healer for these things.

Image by Katie Harp

Frequently Asked

When is the Biz Priestess Initiation

This is happening live from December 13th - 16th, 2021. Here is the full schedule: Monday the 13th at 1 pm MST Tuesday the 14th at 11 am MST Wednesday the 15th at 1 pm MST Thursday the 16th at 1 pm MST

How do I participate?

Each day will be happening in live-time through Zoom. When you sign-up, you'll receive the link to participate each day.

Will there be replays?

Yes! We are a gloabl sisterhood and you all have lots going on, so there will be access to each replay after the live event.

What happens after I register?

You will receive a confirmation e-mail with all of the details and the Zoom link. You will also get daily emails to remind you of the live + send you the replay.

Will there be a way to go deeper for more results?

Absolutely! If you want to receive continued support, you can step into Goddess Collective: the Biz Priestess Accelerator. This is your intimate sisterhood for a full year to call in more money and clients, while feeling like a Queen. Without the hustle or sleaze - receive more time, energy, and momentum - growing your priestessing biz, doing what you love.


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