Yoga Teacher | Priestess Initiate | Embodiment Mentor

Meghan Lockhart

About Meghan Lockhart

Meghan is the Creatrix of Wild Moon, where she offers her gifts and passion to the world. Through 1:1 work and transformational programs, she works with the heart-centered, sensitive wombyn who is longing to connect to her womb & to remember her power. Through yoga, it is her deepest joy to support all to come home to their body temples - to attune their listening to the medicine offerings of their bodies and souls. 


She is a cosmic adventurer, lovingly exploring the mystical and mythical realms of existence. Meghan loves to dance wild in the desert, to run in the rain, to walk through the forest, to float in warm water, and to climb rocks. She is focalizer and Gatekeeper of the Wild Moon Sisters etheric temple on Facebook, where she guides ceremony and offers loving support. She is a soul-midwife, bringing forth Love and creative expression to assist the globe in its next evolution of consciousness​.


RYT 200 Hour - specializing in Embodied Pranic Vinyasa Flow

40 hour Advanced Yoga Nidra Teacher Training

150 hour Adjuster’s Program - with training in Anusara principles

3.5 years experience as a life counsellor

1 year training as Priestess Initiate in the 13 Moon Mystery School

About Wild Moon

Wild Moon is a soul-fuelled platform to support wombyn to remember their power and to guide all to ground down and into their bodies, nourishing lives that are aligned and vibrantly alive. Wild Moon nurtures the spiral path of embodiment, connecting to the holy trinity of Cosmos, Earth and Self. The mission is to uplift the collective vibration to Love - so that we are in devotion to one another, as we steward lives of bliss and harmonious co-creation with Earth. 




 Embodied love for all.