Hi! I'm Meghan,


I support the purpose driven womxn come home to her body temple. She will embody the change that she longs to see through her way of BE-ing in the world.


I am midwife to her womb awakening for her to deeply attune with the medicine offerings of her body and soul. She will access the innate wisdom to navigate through the cycles of life, in communion with the Cosmos and Earth. 


Embody Your Power As Wombyn

This FREE journey of 4 guided meditations, 4 videos, and a ceremony will help you to viscerally connect with the source of where your power comes from within yourself. It will help you to lead from your heart, so that you can feel confident and strong in the knowingness of your innate wisdom, as you connect to the magic of being a wombyn.


 Tips, tools & talks for the soulful womxn who is ready to un-tame her wild feminine, to bring embodied love into form, and to walk as a moving prayer for her legacy on Mother Earth. 

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